The Flanaess

The Sun travels around Oerth in 364 days, visiting the 12 lairs of the Zodiac in their appointed time, which never varies. The great moon Luna waxes and wanes with fixed cycles of 28 days each. While the Handmaiden, Celene, the small bluish satellite waxes full only four times per year, heralding the seasons festivals.

The Oerth is warmer than Earth, with short winters, and summers lasting almost 6 months.

Days, Months and Years

The standard Flan week is seven days:

  • Starday
  • Sunday
  • Moonday
  • Godsday
  • Waterday
  • Earthday
  • Freeday

The months and festivals are:


Fireseek —Winter
Readying —Spring
Coldeven —Spring


Planting —Summer
Flocktime —Summer
Wealsun —Summer


Reaping —Summer
Goodmonth —Summer
Harvester —Summer


Patchwall —Autumn
Ready’reat —Autumn
Sunsebb —Winter

Trees of the Flanaess

The Flanaess is home to some unique trees, most notably:

  • Bronzewood – When dried bronzewood bark is nearly as hard as metal, but much lighter.
  • Deklo- Massive trees reaching nearly 100 feet tall, their leaves tend to be over a foot in diameter.
  • Galda- Galda fruit is somewhat astringent and salty, but refreshing and nutritious.
  • Kara- Kara fruit are square shaped and fist sized and a staple to many people.
  • Hornwood- Similar to a small elm, the leaves resemble a spear head. Weapons and bows are often made from Hornwood.
  • Ipp- Ipps are favored by the sylvan elves.
  • Phost- Similar to oaks but shaggy with broad leaves. Phost wood gives off a soft glow.
  • Roanwood- Similar to sequoias, they are preferred for fine furniture, interiors and carving.
  • Sablewood- Sablewood branches make fine arrow shafts. When treated with oil, the wood becomes a lustrous black.
  • Usk- Similar to a maple, Ruskfruit s pale blue with four lobes, similar to a grapefruit and aromatic.
  • Yarpick- Also known as the Daggerthorn, due to sharp thorns that often exceed two feet in length. Yarpick nuts are very tasty and nutritious.

People of the Flanaess

There are few pure racial groups extant on the Flanaess, humans being wont to intermix quite industriously. Most Humans are a mix of the original pure bloods:


The Baklunish people have golden skin tones, black or brown hair, and gray or gray-green eyes. They dress in multi-colored pastel hues, preferring gowns, robes or short breeks and flowing coats.


The Flan as a race have bronze colored skin, black or dark brown hair, and brown or copper eyes.
The Flan tend to dress in solid primary colors.


The Oeridians have skin tones ranging from tan to olive, hair from honey blonde to black, with reddish brown being most common. Eyes are highly variable, brown and gray being most frequent.
Oeridians wear checks and plaids and stripes, preferring tight legged trousers and close fitting coats.


The Suel mixed with other racial groups, so very few pure Suel remain. The Suel are very fair skinned, almost tending towards albino. Light red, blonde or platinum hair contrasts with their Blue or violet eyes. The Suel prefer to wear baggy pantaloons, in one or two solid colors.


Dwarves prefer shades of red and brown, earth tones, adorned with precious metals. They dress similar to Oeridians.


Elves dress similar to the Suel, except in greens, yellows, and pale tans. All elves wear a gray-green cloak when traveling.


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