• Andris, Defender of Truth

    Andris, Defender of Truth

    Plate Clad warrior priest of Heironeous.
  • Bren Emberheart

    Bren Emberheart

    Bren stands just over four feet, and looks like your typical dwarf, except that he wears the garb of a wizard. His grey hair sits in a topknot upon his head. He has a tatoo of a lightning bolt over his right eye.
  • Feydwyn Dewshine

    Feydwyn Dewshine

    Feydwyn is your typical elf, smaller than most men, with an angular face.
  • Inkee


    1/2 Elf & 1/2 Drow Ranger/Rogue
  • Iven Straus Horacio Bloom

    Iven Straus Horacio Bloom

    A slightly unusual looking gnome who appears well traveled and able to take care of himself.
  • Kalamakar Indigeo Jesendrith

    Kalamakar Indigeo Jesendrith

    elvish warmage
  • Park-Kour


    Half-Elf Woodsman
  • Ser Renkin

    Ser Renkin

    Paladin- Knight of Law
  • Tarvik Ursason

    Tarvik Ursason

    Tarvik's look and demeanor marks him as a barbarian from the northern reaches. He is young, and incredibly muscled, but carries an air of maturity around him. His gear clearly marks him out as a warrior.
  • Brother Hamis

    Brother Hamis

    Friendly Priest
  • Carylon the Squire

    Carylon the Squire

    Young and Impressionable
  • Chaplain Vortigern

    Chaplain Vortigern

    Priest of Heironeous- Curate- Chaplain for the Keep Garrison
  • Dame Gold

    Dame Gold

    Council Woman - Players Patron in Safeton-
  • Essar Sephenone'

    Essar Sephenone'

    The Pseudo-Dragon
  • His Excellency, Derish Of Safeton

    His Excellency, Derish Of Safeton

    High Priest of Pelor and Town Council member
  • Jarst Daro

    Jarst Daro

    Pomarj Orc, Champion of Safeton
  • Lizard Folk

    Lizard Folk

    Lizard Men who were annihilated by the Sahuagin
  • Merfolk


    Aquatic Elf
  • Ofydd


    A human cleric, rescued from slavers with an amnesia-blanked past
  • Reginald Highbottom

    Reginald Highbottom

    Reginal is a halfling bard that follows Tarvik and records his adventures.
  • Sahid


    A black robed wizard with bronze skin, white hair, and grey eyes. Distinct desert accent.
  • Sahuagin


    Devils of the Sea
  • Sandina BeChelle

    Sandina BeChelle

    A lithe, agile young woman roughly five foot four inches and just a little over one hundred and twenty pounds. Her striking green eyes reflect light and appear to sparkle whenever she is thinking something mischievous. Her eyes are muted only by her dar
  • Sandina Crew - Venn

    Sandina Crew - Venn

    Venn is a stocky warrior just over six feet in height. He easily breaks the two hundred pound mark as well. He has piercing grey eyes and dull brown hair. He is incredibly protective of those weaker than himself, and will follow Sandina to the grave if
  • Sturm Bucholtz

    Sturm Bucholtz

    Wealthy merchant of Safeton