Greyhawk Adventures

The Sinister Secret of Safeton

The date is early Summer(Planting) Sunday, the 2nd CY 579.

Our intrepid adventurers arrive in the fishing town of Safeton looking for adventure, and hearing that a band of Gnoll Ravagers had fled from the forces of the Keep, into the farms and villages near Safeton.
The happenstance adventurers consist of (please update your characters, THX- DM) a Priest of Pelor, a Dwarven Collegiate Mage, a half-elf Druid, and a half-drow rogue.

The Preist of Pelor immediately befriended the local Pelor clergy, and picked up some rumors regarding the House on Haunted Hill, supposedly the home to a wealthy and sinister Alchemist, until about twenty years ago. [The same timeframe that the Temple of Elemental Evil was destroyed at the battle of Emridy Meadows.]
The Dwarf Wizard mentions that he is on the trail of an arcane artifact of Dwarven design, a DoomStone that was lost when one of the wizards disappeared after the Battle of Emridy meadows. Of the items power, the Dwarf is close-lipped. He has trailed the items essence to the Wild Coast, and Safeton. Perhaps the Alchemists manor has a clue?

The Pelor clergy tells our priest that the town council has been meaning to do something about the House on Haunted Hill, but have been busy dealing with coastal marauders. Many outlying villages on the coast have been struck by lightning raids, by ships with yellow sails. The raiders have ransacked villages, carried away loot, and taken villagers captive.
Where these spoils and captives are being taken, the council has yet to discover.
In addition, with the trade route to Verbobonc being recently re-opened, the town is looking at the financial prospect of becoming a center of trade to the heartlands.

The party gears up, and on Wonday evening, in the dark of night, with only a waxing moon to light their way, creep up on the House on Haunted Hill. Many local well-wishers and children escort them to the edge of town, amid a bunch of unwanted and unwarranted hooplah. “So much for the element of surprise” grumbles the Dwarf.

After casing the house, the adventurers climb over the low stone wall, and wade through the overgrown garden to the rear patio door. The Rogue opens the door, and as the party enters, is greeted by a Horrific Haunting spectral voice that warns them away, or seek their doom.
Unmoved by theatrical charlatranry, the party is unimpressed…..except for the priest of Pelor who stands frozen in terror at the portal. After a few moments of quiet, the priest gathers his wits about him, and the party begins to explore the house.

First they discover a band of goblins, and battle ensues. After the goblins are bested, another search turns up a hideous gargantuan spider. After a tough battle the creepy creature is destroyed. Next, the rogue spies another group of goblins, so the party ducks into the kitchen, only to be set upon by a nest of Giant Centipedes. Poisoned, demoralized and frightened, the party ducks out a window, avoiding the goblins, and high-tails it back to town.

All is not lost, as the party were able to abscond with a Ring, some papers, and books, a gold earring, and a small ruby.

What sinister evil still lurks within the House on Haunted Hill?



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