Greyhawk Adventures

On the Trail of Brother Hamis

As the party prepared for one last sojourn to the Caves of Chaos, Brother Hamis and his two silent companions prepared to join the party.
Sir Renkin insisted on detecting Evil on Brother Hamis (Which it is not actually possible with the spell to detect alignments of individuals) who refused on moral grounds and building trust. Sir Renkin honored Hamis’ wishes, but became suspicious. When told that they would not be allowed to join the party, Brother Hamis and co. departed to commune with their diety.

Hastily, Sir Renkin and the party trailed them at a discrete distance into the Gnarley forest, to a ruined keep.

Outside the walls, they encountered a lone bugbear who eluded the group, disappearing into the ruin.
Within the ruin, the party discovered tailings of bugbear spoor, and barged in on some younglings playing. They and their adult chaperone were quickly murdered.

After a brief search, the party also barged in on a scene……Brother Hamis and his acolytes were in a furnished room, studying a map of the area near Hommlett, on the road to Verbobonc.

The party attacked, and dispatched the evil priest. In the aftermath, it was discovered that they were priests of Erythnull, acting in deceit, pretending to be good priests…for whatever reasons ultimately, still unknown.

The party found a signal fire, maps and letters in an indecipherable script, but no sign of the golden Bull skull.

Upon leaving the priests quarters, a group of Bugbears offered to parley, now that their unwlecome master had been killed, but the party murdered them as well.

Not satisfied with the small amount of loot in the Priests chambers, they continued to search, and discovered a barricaded door, behind which descended into the ancient abandoned dungeons of the keep.

In the first chamber below ground, the party were set upon by several ghouls, but were not much of a threat. Now the party prepares to continue into the Bowels of Bone Hill!!



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