Greyhawk Adventures

Return to the Caves of Chaos

WIth new companion Fade, in tow, the party returns to the Caves for a last final foray…how prophetic that phrase may be!

Upon initial arrival a tribe of Kobolds greets them and begs for their lives, offering a large pile of loot and spoils as ransom. They know about the other goblin tribes and their untimely dmeise at the hands of the Party. Sir Renkin and ParkKour gorders them to abandon the caves, and not return until sunset. Begrudgingly the Kobolds slink off into the woods….

The party enters the cave of the Gnolls, only to find it hastily deserted….Did they know the party were coming, or did they leave on another errand? At the deepest chamber Fade discovers a secret door…..and a dead human with a broken leg. A previous adventurer perhaps?

A tight and narrow tunnel dumps the party out into a cool damp storage room. with enough supplies to feed a small army for a long seige. Exiting the storeroom, Fade runs into a Gelatinous cube (quite literally!) the party tosses flaming oil at it, and retreats into the storeroom, unti it slithers away.

Once satisfied the cube has gone they continue to explore, eventually coming upon a locked iron cell door. Sir Renkin observes what appears to be a beautiful damsel n distress, so he unlocks the door and rushes in….only to be Petrified by a hideous medusa! Park Kour suffers a similar fate, while the more cautious Fade waits outside and begins to negotiate….Until a jailer arrives, but Fade surprises him and feathers the unwitting jailer full of arrows.

Negotiations begin anew, this time the medusa offers a cure for the “stoning” in return for her release….Fade agrees, and releases her from her chains, and she follows through and returns Sir Renkin to flesh. As she escapes, Fade turns invisible and hides, while Park Kour is returned to flesh. The party explores the dungeons and ransacks the jailers chambers before returning to a previously barred door.
Opening the door, stairs descend into a crypt. Once in the crypt, a terrible Wight dashes out from the ossuary and claws futilely at the Paladin. after several undecisive rounds of combat the Wight turns it cold icy attention to the lightly armored fade…with two critical blows, Fade is reduced, feeling his life essence drain from him, but not before striking atelling blow and destroying the Wight. In its chamber they discover an ancient sword and a scroll tube, and a silver dagger.

Continuing on, Fade limping along, the party follows the trial of the Medusa to the last cave opening that the party was planning to enter.
They can see the henchmen in the valley below, eerily unmoving….as if made of stone!

Deciding to try to finish off the last section, the party continues, finding a tunnel being cleared by undead laborers, a veritable army of skeletons and zombies, and a few gemstones.

Defeating the zombies and disarming the skeletons in short order, the party continues to the northern passage….sounds of chanting, shrill piping and deep moaning can be heard. The party’s footsteps echo loudly in the corridor.

ParkKour and Fade creep ahead to espy what may be within the large chamber ahead, and are shocked by what they see!

An evil rite is underway! Before a translucent shimmering red wall, an evil scene unfolds….an evil demon statue stares with jeweled eyes at the vile scene.

Eight black candelabra illuminate the room with an eerie purple light, while purple tapestries with black and red and gold sigils enshroud the room.

Before thee altars a robed priest waves a dagger while clutching bloody organs, 4 rust robed priests sit on benches to the side engaged in a monotonous chant. Behind the priest, sitting in bone chairs are four black robed priests, their faces hidden behind grotesque demon masks…

The high priest, pauses, and then speaks to the unseen adventurers…“Welcome, we have been expecting you.!”

Sir Renkin feels an evil presence behind him, turns to find a veritable army of undead, skeletons and zombies massed in the corridor behind..blocking the route to the exit!

Will our heroes survive?!

FInd out next Year! Next game will be in January………

Happy Holidays!!



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