Greyhawk Adventures

Minotaur Maze

After deftly handing their hind-ends to the Bloody-Hand Orcs and the Red Eye Orc tribes, the party continued on to wipe out a nest of Bugbears as well. The Bugbears had a Minotaur, which would have done severe damage to the party, had Tarvek not brutally chopped off its head with his mighty blade.

Shortly thereafter, the party wandered into the mystic maze of the Minotaurs and were overcome by its enchantment, becoming quickly lost. They were separated from the henchmen and wandered alone.

The party fought several fire beetles, before being ambushed by another minotaur, the mate of the one they slew with the Bugbears.

Eventually the party found its way to the Minotaurs lair, where they looted the treasure and discovered an evil Relic in the shape of a golden Bull skull.
Tarvik possessed the skull and was quickly overwhelmed by its powerful enchantment of confusion….

When the party realized Tarvik had wandered away, they tracked him down, and quickly secreted the relic away. Soon, the enchantment of the maze began to wane, and the party found their way out to the canyon, reuniting with their henchmen who had holed up in the Bugbear den.

After returning yet again to the Keep, the party turned over the Bull Skull to Brother Hamis who recognized it for what it was…an Evil Relic of Power. He also identified some of the magoc items in their loot.

At this point, Tarvik and Park-Hour set off for Narwell to find trainers, and commission a suit of armor, while Sir Renkin remained at the Keep, enjoying the attention of the Merchants wife….



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