Greyhawk Adventures

Encounter at the Evil Temple

Fortunately for our adventurers, help from the Keep arrived in the nick of time.
A half-elf Ranger, and a magic user of dubious nature, along with a squad of men at arms.

Despite the help, and the destruction of the skeleton/zombie horde, the evil priests were able to kill all of the men at arms, and repell the party using fear spells.

The players escaped, except for Park kour….who was trapped in a Web with the Evil Acolytes.

As suspected, the temple was consecrated to Erythnull.

Two weeks later the PCs returned to find the caves eeerily silent and abandoned.

Several left behind notes indicate that they were likely reuniting with cult members in Hommlett.
Other notes also indicate that the Gnolls were sent on a special mission, perhaps delivering the Bronze Cow Skull to some evil purpose.

The Castellan assigns Sir Renkin to travel to Verbobonc and escort his new bride back to the Keep. He intends to track down the Erythnul cult priests along the way.

The EVil beneath Bone Hill will have to wait.

End of Season FInale….enter the new 3.5 PCS….



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