Greyhawk Adventures

Beneath Bone Hill

After defeating the Evil follower of Erythnull, Brother Hamis, the party slaughtered his Bugbear companions and began to search the Keep in earnest.

After surviving an ambush by Ghouls, the party continued their exploration of the keeps dungeons…
They discovered some horrible remains in what appeared to be the dungeons and gaol. Suddenly the remains rose up and a collective group of goblin zombies and skeletons! Easily sending them back their nasty graves they continued to explore, happening upon another group of the same….but one of these skeletons was a Spellcaster!

The party thought they had the upper hand until the spellcaster succeeded in casting a Sleep! spell and the entire party fell into a deep slumber except for Sir Renkin and Tarvik!

Alone, the two warriors began to systematically destroy the undead, until another group arrived, with a Zombie spellcaster! This group overwhelmed the two valiant warriors, but they were hardy and survived, forcing the Zombie-Spellcaster to flee.

Reviving the rest of the party, they discovered that the Zombie-Spellcaster had dragged Ord away when he fled.

Park_Kour tracked the trail of the Zombie spellcaster through a secret door, and a escape tunnel into the foundations of the tower of the keep. Inside were a horde of skeletons, zombies and the zombie-spellcatser. After a battle fraught with peril, the party was able to overcome the undead horde. They found no treasure, but discovered the source of the light they had seen from outside the keep….a lantern, probably a lure for unwary adventurers. Rather than continue their search, with the sun nearing the horizon, the party gathered Hamis’ horses and returned to the keep. Sir Renking was overcome with an evil foreboding…….“a terrible evil still resides in beneath the keep. We must return to discover the Secret of Bone Hill!”

Back at the Keep, the party were able to study the charts, maps and documents that they had discovered within Brother Hamis study.

A map of the area, with the Keep, Bone Hill, the Caves of Chaos, as well as the Village of Hommlett and Verbobonc clearly marked. There also appear to be several mysterious locations of note that are not explained…..

Documents that you recovered clearly point out that Brother Hamis was a priest of Erythnull, and was taking his orders from a higher authority. A letter addressed to him states, “Watch for patrols from the Keep, and send the signal to the Caves.” Obviously referring to the watchfire above the ruined keep.

A ledger shows notations of numbers and obscure entries that appear to be an account of arms, slaves and other items shipped off from the caves to Hommlett.

Sir Renkin and Vortigern, the Curate of the Keep retell the story of Emridy meadows, and the fall of the Temple of Elemental Evil near Hommlett, and how a Powerful cleric of their order was killed during the battle. Vortigern was young and was present during the battle, as was the Castellan of the Keep. Afterwards, The famous wizard Tenser, with a company of knights and rangers pursued a fleeing TOEE lieutenant into the Gnarley Forest and was never seen again.
The Keep itself was invested soon after as a watchpost.

Vortigern believes that the goblinoid raids are being orchestrated by whoever brother Hamis was reporting to…possibly individuals or a group attempting to resurrect the TOEE. It is also clear based on their orchestrated attacks on the keep that they have been searching for something…something they believe to be within or near the keep.



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