A minor independent free state trading town on the Wooly Bay. Serves as a port for the Wild Coast, and provides a link for goods from the sea to Verbobonc.

Town Council

Dame Gold
Aristcrat and Council Woman.
It was at Dame Golds seashore residence that the Party partcipated in the Harvest Festival.

His Excellency, Derish of Safeton
Prelate of Pelor.

Sturm Blucholtz
Merchant of Safeton.
Ransomed and disposed of the Thief from the Haunted House.

Bruthas Badennson
Merchant of Safeton.

Jarst Daro
Mysterious Orc from the Pomarj.
Competed and won the Harvest Festival Challenge, and became the Harvest Champion of Safeton.
Commands the Town militia.

Ghideon Mullister

Other Persoanlities

Ned Shakeshaft
Thief found tied up in the Haunted House

Bernaldo Bravos
Aged Paladin

Hammish of Drone
Ancient Sage.

Nervous Sorceror

Bard, possessed of excessive charm and Wit.

Black Kerr
Alchemist and Artficer.
Quite Eccentric.

Jack Knob
Dwarf Locksmith

A Monk from the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Joseph of the Light
Self Proclaimed Prophet.
Crazy as a Mad hatter.

Elven artist, employed by Dame Gold.


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