Drachenscrab Hills

Drachensgrab Hills
The Drachensgrab Hills are rich in mineral wealth and filled with monsters. There are several small mountains in their midst, including one active volcano (Mount Flamenblut). The Drachensgrabs contain many lakes and small streams. The hills are irregular, with many flat areas between them.

The largest mountain in the Drachensgrabs is Mount Drachenkopf. To the west is the more famous Mount Flamenblut. South of Mount Flamenblut is the small smoking mountain Drach Aloos. The smallest mountain in the Drachensgrabs is Hakentos. Rising from the shadow of Mount Drachenkopf, Hakentos is considered taboo by worshipers of the Earth Dragon.

A mountainous portion of the Drachensgrab Hills is known as the Wormsjaws. Prince Olinstaad Corond longs to regain access to its rich mines.

The Drachensgrabs are divided in half by a brick road leading from Highport to Stoneheim .

Drachenscrab Hills

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