Cult of the Earth Dragon

The Earth Dragon is an ancient deity dating back to an era in the Flanaess when spirits of nature were worshipped as gods. In the early days, the Earth Dragon was but one of the many spirits worshiped by the primitive people of the Pomarj. In the Drachensgrab Hills, those tribes that propitiated the Earth Dragon prospered, while those who did not perished due to avalanches and earthquakes.

When newer gods of Oerth appeared to supplant primitive spirit-worship, a few spirits stubbornly remained in the new era. The Earth Dragon was one of these. Every new culture that colonized the Pomarj had to deal with it, adding it to their pantheons and propitiating it when they crossed its territory.

One of the Legends of the Pomarj tells that during the Great Migrations a band of wicked Suloise slaughtered a tribe of Flan in the Drachensgrab Hills. In retribution, their gods transformed the Suloise into stone, creating the Twisted Forest. Although it is not certain the Earth Dragon was responsible for this, it has been the most significant power in the Drachensgrabs since time immemorial, and it would be strange if the Flan tribe in question did not worship it.

In the mid-400s CY, a young baron called Erkin journeyed alone to Mount Drachenkopf to make a pact with the deity. In exchange for worship and sacrifices from the baron’s people, the Earth Dragon aided Erkin’s conquests. Within five years, Erkin had claimed all the Drachensgrab Hills and named himself king. His brother Bretwalda and all of his descendants honored the pact.

Cult of the Earth Dragon

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