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From Narwell to the Keep on the Borderlands

Greyhawk. The players arrive in Narwell on the Wild Coast, following rumors of adventure. Pirates on the coasts, bandits, goblins and worse inland, mysterious lights from ruins in the marches.

The Players:
Jed: Park-Kour 1/2 Elf Cleric/Ranger of Rillifane Rallafil
Steve: Veyeper Halfling Thief
Jamie/girlfriend: Ord Human Fighter
Matt: Ask Elf Magic User
Aaron: Ser Renkin Human Paladin
Chris: Tarvik Human Fighter

The characters had learned of the following rumors that drew them to Narwell:

Hook 1) Strange lights have been coming from the “Black Tower”, a ruined coastal manor house just south of Narwell, rumored to be the haunt of a Necromancer who was killed when superstitious rabble burned him out despite the protests of the local guildsmen. It is rumored that arcane and enchanted treasures are secreted away on the property.

Hook 2) The trade route to Verbobonc has been abandoned due to numerous bandit and goblinoid raids. caravans have been boldly attacked on the road, goods pillaged, and men and women taken as slaves. Recently these attacks have become bolder, hinting at something sinister behind them. The Castellan of TroBridge Keep has put out a call for assistance in escorting caravans as well as a copper an ear for any goblins killed in the area.

Hook 3) Pirate attacks on the coast have increased, at first boldly attacking only isolated hamlets and villages, but recently sacking well defended towns, carrying away their citizens. The Lords of the area have banded together and seek help to put an end to these attacks.

Hook 4) The lands of the Wild Coast were once ruled by an Empire of Humanoids. Many ruins from that time still litter the countryside, both human, and Goblinoid. The Elves have retreated to their forests, and the Dwarven folk are secure in their mountain homes. Few are seen in the lands of men these days. One such ruin, sitting atop Bone Hill is one of these. Recently, strange lights have been seen coming from the old ruin.

The party hired on with the Caravan master Hoster Tildum, to take the bi-weekly supply of grains and produce to the garrison at the Keep. He offered to pay each member 2GP/day. The trip is 2 days, the first night spent camping in the shelter of a ruined orchard.

The next day, the caravan was attacked by hungry primitive tribesmen, but were all quickly dispatched by the skillful party. So thankful is Hoster Tildum, that he pays each member an additional gold.

So at the end of the first session everyone should have 34 xps and 5 GP.

The next session begins at the keep.

The Keep is a small fortification guarding the Verbobonc – Narwell road where it fords the Jewel RIver. It houses some 100 soldiers and support staff, and sports a small town atmosphere inside the walls.

The denizens of the Keep are not wealthy, and it is obviously a military outpost.

The Soldiers wear blue tabards, and the Castellans sigil is a Silver Stag on an Azure field.

The Keep on the Borderlands

Arriving at the Keep on the first Moonday of Coldeven, it is obvious that the Keep in under repair.
A stone fortress consisting of an outer bailey and an inner bailey each protected by a gatehouse, surrounded by a 20 foot battlemented wall with 30 and 40 foot towers where the walls meet, it is an impressive construction, despite the crumbling walls.
A scaffolding clings to the north wall, and a master mason and apprentice stone cutters work outside the walls.
Inside the gatehouse, Ord Mandell remarks, “Its apparent that the buildings of the outer bailey have been oriented to serve as defensive bulwarks, and to funnel attacking troops to the clear view of the inner bailey and gatehouse.”

When he realizes that no one understood a word he said, he grunts.

The outer bailey is alive with activity….a blacksmith hammers a piece of iron on an anvil, while an apprentice fans the flames of the forge…possibly the only other stone building among the small village. Chickens and pigs, and a few dogs scramble out of your way as you pass. The Caravan Master guides his wagons into a warehouse near the gatehouse, and says he will find you at the Inn once he is paid.
Upon entering the Outer Bailey through the Gatehouse, the party is greeted by a man at arms in the Entry Yard who explains that mischief and mayhem will not be tolerated in the Keep. “This is a military installation, and justice will be swift and harsh.” He nods at the archers on the towers, and spearmen on the walls.
A careful calculation would put the garrison at roughly 100 men.

The Entry Yard is sandwiched between the flanking towers of the main Gatehouse and the fortified and battlemented Stable and warehouse. Narrow and designed to force attackers to expose themselves to archers, the party feels very exposed here.

Several wagons with canvas covered loads are seen within the Warehouse. Within the stables, the sweet smell of hay mingles with that of manure. Several grooms and lackeys are seen caring for the horses….brushing, shoeing, mucking stalls etc…There appear to be several riding horses, draft horses as well as a pair of mules in residence.

Passing south through the Entry Yard, the entrance leads towards the southern watchtower before making a sharp right turn and passing noxious blacksmith in one of only a few stone buildings within the Bailey. The smith consists of essentially what amounts to a fortified tower, with the ground floor open on three sides. A blacksmiths hammer rings out on an iron anvil, while an apprentice feeds the forge. Nails, horse shoes and other metal wares can be seen displayed for sale.

Just past the smith, the road turns north towards the Inner Bailey, past several other buildings and the blue shingled Chapel, before approaching the well fortified Inner Gatehouse, where more archers and spearmen may be seen.

Ahead, along the inner south wall of the keep are several small ramshackle tenements. Beyond the tenements can be seen a market square complete with a non-functional fountain and well. Flanking the way to the square on your right (north) are two commercial establishments, each bearing a sign indicating a chandlery, and the other a mercantyler.

The last tenement on the south wall before entering the Square bears a sign indicating the Keeps Paymaster, while two blue clad men at arms stand guard with spears outside.

Fronting the market square you find TrollBridge Inn, and the Silvered Stag Tavern. Private rooms are provided for 10 silver , while a rush covered flagstone in the common room can be had for only a single silver. (Silvers are referred to as Stags n the Keep, and gold coins are referred to as Stars)

Meals are prepared and taken in the adjacent Tavern. Smoke fills the exposed rafters, and several patrons (The only patrons at this hour) stop their conversations to note your presence and take your measure. In addition to, the Innkeeper, who appears to run both establishments, a rotund woman who must be the Innkeepers wife shouts orders to an unseen helper from the kitchen, while a young girl wearing an ale stained smock and a buxom young serving wench ply the visitors with wooden mugs of ale. The only other patrons are two armed men who share a flagon and a discussion at a shadowed table in the recesses of the common room.

Besides the Inn and a noisy tavern, several ramshackle tenements line the inner walls, along with a few craftsmen, a chandler (outfitter), a blue slate roofed chapel, and a trader.
Villagers seem gathered idly near the well, and eye you suspiciously as you enter the Inn.

Gendry the Innkeeper welcomes you and offers you rooms and a warm, if meager meal.
“Not many visitors lately….any news from Narwell? "

The common room of the Tavern is mostly empty, only a pair of mercenaries converse quietly at a shadowed table, and a man dressed in garish colors ill suited for wilderness travel.
The Innkeeper catches your glance and explains, “Mercenaries, and travelers mostly….like yourselves. Looking for fortune and adventure. Ha! Its an early grave they will find if not careful.”
He leans down and whispers, “Those who wander alone dont come back…its only in the strength of numbers that the goblinoids have learned to respect.”

“This Keep used to be one of theirs, believe it or not. Me, I never knew them greenskins were capable of building something this strong….but what do I know, Im just an innkeep!” and he winks and turns back to his patrons.

“Innkeeper…I am Tarvik Ursason, you see this sword here? It is from my homeland, it is very special to me. When I hit those barbarians with it, I make two smaller barbarians. You understand this? Very good. Now, you see this silver coin, it also come from my homeland and is special to me. I give to you. You bring me good food and drink. You do this, and sword stay clean. If food and drink not so good, maybe I make two of you…?” Tarvik stares at the man intently so that the full meaning of his words sink in, and then he smiles and sits down at a table. “Come friends, sit, we have earned it no? You hear this? There are goblins near by. Goblins bleed very well, much better than strange lights or the walking dead. I say we listen to these men and find out more. This is good idea, yes?”

Gendry the Innkeeper chuckles at the Barbarians obviously false Bravado, winking knowingly at the tall youth before returning to the kitchen to fetch some fresh meat pies. The smell of fresh baked bread wafts from the kitchen. The rafters of the inn are cluttered with various dried sundries, vegetables and staples.

Once you have finished your meal, the Caravan Master returns with a gray bearded veteran wearing oiled iron mail, wearing a blue tabard. He pays you in silver coins what is owed, and takes his leave.

The bearded veteran introduces himself as Sergeant of the Guard, Ornelt Straken. “You may call me Sergeant Straken.” He is a tall man with arm corded with muscle. He says, “I hear you all fought off ten of the highlanders.. is this true? I could use good men like you….theres goblins and worse in the hills around here, worrying and raiding wagons.”
He points to a finely dressed man in the Tavern "Loris over there has several wagons bound for Verbobonc, but he wont brave the road with less than 20 men, and we dont have men to spare for escort, plus our knights are no good in the hills and forest. The Bailiff is offering a copper an ear for every goblin killed…..and possibly a bigger reward if you were to locate their nest….if you are interested. "He accepts a flagon of the local small beer, which is a poor excuse for ale. After wiping the froth from his beard with a pursed lip, he explains: “When the Armies of Greyhawk defeated the goblin kingdoms in this area, many pockets of the greenskins remained, hidden in their holes. The Baron of Narwell, with the aid of the Lords of Greyhawk charged the Bailiff to garrison this Keep and defend the caravans bound for Veluna. At first a couple knights were enough, be eventually the ambushes were more orchestrated, and the creatures fled before the knights into the thickets and crags. Our knights were no use. So we sent footmen, but the last two caravans we expected from Verbobonc never arrived. Our Scouts have reported sighting Orcs, Goblins and Lizard Men in the surrounding wilderness. Even the Hillmen and Bandits have been problematic.”

“We repulsed an attack on the Keep last week, I think it was a probe, to test our defences. Obviously they dont fear us, or the stone walls. I dont dare send men outside the keep for fear there would be no one to man the walls. The scouts have indicated several possible nests, but lone scouts and most bounty hunters never return.”

“Well, Renkin”, Sergeant Straken says, “If you find the nest, Ill put a good word in for you to the Bailiff. He is an honorable man, and well thought of by his men and his liege the Baron of Narwell. Im sure he would consider an apt reward.”

“Now, before you wander out and get yourself killed, make sure you have supplies to survive in the wilderness. The Chandler, Lornegrim can provide you the tools you might need. Also, you might ask around, there are others like you looking to earn their mark. "

“As for a Priest, well the Curate Vortigern is a follower of Heironeous, but holds non-diety specific services in the chapel weekly. Brother Hamis can usually be found telling a boisterous story fireside most evenings here at the Inn. I dont know which god he professes to follow, but if in need, both are well regarded.”

“Bounties are paid by the Paymaster. Ask for him at the strongbox across the way.”

With his business done, Sergeant Straken turns on his heels and marches out of the Inn, his blue tabard billowing about him as he leaves.

The Innkeeper Gendry arrives at just that point with another round of bitter small-beer, ales.

“Coo….you arent looking to go Troll Hunting are you? There is dangerous creatures and worse out in the hills. They say this area used to be a goblin kingdom or some such. This castle was built on the razed ruins of some Orc warlord…or so they say.”

Renkin the Paladin mulls over the goblin offer out loud so all can hear. “A Copper an ear for a goblin, sounds fair, and I’m all for purifying the countryside. I am not a greedy man, but I have my eye on buying me a horse. I’m pretty sure I saw one around here somewhere. 2 copper per goblin, takes 5 goblins for a silver, 50 for a electrum, and 500 for a gold piece. Now I’m not as smart as our magic user here, but I’m thinking we are gonna be knee deep in goblin parts. I don’t want my first horse to be the one hauling my aged carcass to my own funeral. What sort of incentive was there for finding the goblin nest?”

Renkin stands up and suggests the party give our next adventure some thought, then ducks out of the Tavern, with [Jed B] at his side to make reparations and offerings at the chapel. They return to the Inn to re-join the party a short time later.

Into the Caves of Chaos

After spending Godsday in the Keep in worship and preparation, the party studied their map and decided on a plan. Veyper and Ask would remain in the Keep, while Ord, Park-Kour, Renkin and Tarvik went Gobboe hunting. The plan was simple….wander the road, look helpless and hope that the Goblins attacked! Simple enough…..

The group geared up, and on the morning of Waterday, set foot on the old Gnarley Forest road. If one was to stay on the road for a week or so, they would find themselves in the Arch Prelacy of Veluna….if they survived the terrors of the Gnarley Forest.

The group decided to make camp on an old limestone mound, which they found used to be the site of an old tower or other fortification, now reduced to moss covered tumble down stones.

In the morning, Park-Kour led them to the edge of the Jewell River where Lizard Man tracks were found. Not interested in duking it out with the Lizzies, they returned to the road.

Another full was day spent walking, when a suitable campsite was found. The camp site turned out to be a little too convenient, as the party was ambushed by Orcs shortly after dusk. The party was able to dispatch them without much trouble. They wore the symbol of the “Bloody Hand”, a well known Orc Warband led by Turok Mak from the Pomarj. One was taken prisoner, and agreed to lead the group to the lair of the goblins in exchange for its life.

After stripping the dead of their meager valuables, camp was moved, but again, just before dawn were ambushed again…this time Ser Renkin was alert and aware and gave the alarm!

Three hulking Gnolls stalked out of the forest looking for blood.
Despite being armed with huge Glaives, the party was able to fend them off without and serious injury.

On the morning of Freeday, the Orc captive led the party through a tortuous ravine, through twisted brambles and trees, into a box canyon gulch. Within the eerie silence of the gulch the party was able to make out several caves in the limestone walls, and while Tarvik smothered the life out of the Orc captive, Park-Kour identified the spoor from one cave as goblin sign.

Debating on whether to return to the Keep, or continue, they group decided to risk all, and entered the Goblin cave. Within the cave, the party encountered two separate groups of goblin guards, armed with spears. The second group attempted to raise the alarm, but due to chance, or divine favor, Ord was able to pierce the creature before any reply was mounted.

Taking the ears as they were killed, the group also secured two leather wrapped bags of coins, 25 Gold in each…for what purpose, the party wonders little, for it will spend easy!

Deciding that now was the time for a hasty retreat, the party gathered the valuable loot, and high tailed it back to the Road. Sure that he could locate the caves again, Park-Kour led the party, racing against time, hoping to be off the road before nightfall.

Fortunately the party were able to arrive at the Keep late into the evening, with no sign of an organized pursuit. “Next time wont be so easy….” Ord grumbles.

Second Starday of Coldeven, was spent in recovery, re-equipping, and cashing in the Goblin ears. The paymaster took little interest in the Gnoll heads, but accepted them nonetheless. The Orc leaders Broadsword was sold to the Blacksmith for a mere 2GP. “Aye, I can put an edge back on that….thats an ancient sword there…sure you dont want to keep it?”

Later that evening at the Tavern…

“Its a veritable deathtrap I say!” Ord argues.
“But the Goblins sleep during the day…we can sneak in and….” PArk-Kour sounds convincing.
“Aye, but if we need a hasty retreat, we are doomed” Tarvik agrees with Ord.
“We need a safe escape route” Ser Renking mumbles…..“Or a closer safe hold to rally from.”

“Why cant we hole up and camp in one of the caves?” Veyeper asks.

“Too Dangerous!” Ord Laughs. “And we couldnt carry enough supplies to survive a seige if they smoked us out or mounted a full on assault.” He nods at Ser Renkin..“You saw how many caves there were…we could be dealing with multiple tribes, Orcs and Gnolls at least!”

“That settles it then.” Park Kour states. “We go in, and we get out.”

Second Sunday would be a travel day, and by the morning of Second Moonday, the party would be making their next foray into the Caves of Chaos…….

Second Foray into the Caves of Chaos

The Great Goblin Extermination

The second foray in to the Caves was assisted by the Priest Hamis, who along with his two silent Acolytes, provided the party with a Blessing and a Scroll. His only expectation was that he was allowed to inspect any artifacts that the party discovered. His mission, he said, was to investigate the environs and ensure that no Evil artifacts from the previous Orc Demon cult were inadvertantly loosed on good well meaning citizens. He went on to say that he was looking for the location of a lost temple to the evil demon, rumored to be in the area.

When the Group arrived at the caves, the industrious Goblins had prepared a surprise..a Trap! A warning system alerted the goblins to the intruders, and along with Hobgoblins, enlisted for support, were able to assault the party from both flanks. The party deftly defeated the goblins, even battling the chief of the tribe while he ordered his remaining goblin folk to flee.
He also enlisted the aid of an Ogre which the party were able to kill without much ado. They did take some wounds from his huge club.

After scouring the Goblin caves, now deserted, the party looted a fair amount of silver and goods.
In the Ogre den, they found plenty of silver, a quiver of arrows. Within the quiver was secreted a potion and a scroll. (See the Items index)

Again, the party elected to return to the keep, sell what they could, and prepare for a third sojourn…..


Once Sir Renkin had recovered from his illness, the party again ventured into the Caves of Chaos.

This time they encountered two tribes of Orcs and wiped them both out.

The consolidated loot list:

Potion (?)
Scroll (?)
Enchanted Hand Axe
nchanted Shield (previously a human knights)
Enchanted Rope

450 Silver
125 Gold
200 copper

Barrel of decent wine 50 silver
2 gems (aquamarine and chalcedony) 5 gold each
Silver Ring with a Green Gem (70 gold)
Silver belt buckle 16 gold
Sword with amethyst in pommel 10 gold
Ivory bracelet 10 gold
Copper bowl 5 gold

2 suits of chain mail (human/dwarf)
3 shields
4 swords
17 spears
2 Battle Axes
Heavy Crossbow and 60 bolts

Total cash, less magical items and weapons/armor: 221.5 GP (Thats 291/5 = 58 more XP each)

Return to the Keep
Tarvik's travels

That is the last time I do a favor for Ask. “It will be a nice little caravan job Tarvik, no problem…” Bah! No money either. We barely got out with our skins. If I ever see Jessahd again, I will personally gut him for cheating us.

Renkin thankfully has kindly shared his adventures in the caves with me and offered that I join them again. He even gave me a wonderous ax as a token of friendship. This I must repay.

The journey is well known to me now and we expect little trouble. However, soon our ears are filled with buzzing noise. We see giant insects flying towards us. We quickly take cover in the thick brush until they pass. There is no profit in killing bugs afterall.

Park leads us right to the caves, explaining how they found and killed two tribes of orcs in the caves to the east. We head up there to continue traveling unseen. We make our way to another cave which has strange writing on the walls outside of it. The crude orcish script I can make out says “welcome”. If ever a trap were set, this must be it.

We enter the dank cave and find work stone once again. It does not take long before we find several bugbears fornicating. Ugh! We take no prisoners though and kill the warriors and the females. We soon discover two sets of cells, filled with prisoners. So much for the “welcome”. Those that we trust are freed, the others? Well, we free in a more final way. As we make our way up, we find more bugbears and kill them off. One of our freed prisoners ran away. Coming to dead end, we go back and find another passage. This time the bugbears seem friendly, so we think we surprise them with sudden attack, but they turn the tables on us instead. The use large spits as weapons and it pierces my armor. I can feel my lifeblood leaving my body. Thankfully, Park calls upon his god and my wounds begin to close, but I am greatly weakened. The others kill the bugbears and then they make a litter for me as I am too weak to walk. Though we freed many prisoners, we did not find much gold.

For many days I must rest. Once I am up, I hire a swordsmen to help train me. Sir Renkin helped me pay for the man’s teachings. Once my training was over, we headed out for the caves once more. Sir Renkin was glad to be gone. The merchant’s wife was not going to be put off much longer I think.

This time the bugbears were ready for us. They make baracade at the entrance and it burst into flames as we pushed through it. Thankfully the burns were not too bad. But soon the bugbears come at us. Again, the beasts find their way past my sword to strike at me, but I endure. We hear a great bellow from behind us and our comrades warn us of a minotaur coming down the stairs. I have never seen a beast such as that. We kill the bugbears as our men at arms hold off the bullman. Sir Renkin and I charge in. My blade cuts the bullman deep, fueling its rage. Before it has time to gore me, I cut a huge gash in his neck, felling the beast. The bugbear chieftan does not live much longer, nor his mate. We find their stolen treasure. Money at last! An elf that joined us was able to tell us of magic in some of what we found.

Wounded and tired, we rest in the caves. Tomorrow we push the boulder aside and see what is behind it…

Minotaur Maze

After deftly handing their hind-ends to the Bloody-Hand Orcs and the Red Eye Orc tribes, the party continued on to wipe out a nest of Bugbears as well. The Bugbears had a Minotaur, which would have done severe damage to the party, had Tarvek not brutally chopped off its head with his mighty blade.

Shortly thereafter, the party wandered into the mystic maze of the Minotaurs and were overcome by its enchantment, becoming quickly lost. They were separated from the henchmen and wandered alone.

The party fought several fire beetles, before being ambushed by another minotaur, the mate of the one they slew with the Bugbears.

Eventually the party found its way to the Minotaurs lair, where they looted the treasure and discovered an evil Relic in the shape of a golden Bull skull.
Tarvik possessed the skull and was quickly overwhelmed by its powerful enchantment of confusion….

When the party realized Tarvik had wandered away, they tracked him down, and quickly secreted the relic away. Soon, the enchantment of the maze began to wane, and the party found their way out to the canyon, reuniting with their henchmen who had holed up in the Bugbear den.

After returning yet again to the Keep, the party turned over the Bull Skull to Brother Hamis who recognized it for what it was…an Evil Relic of Power. He also identified some of the magoc items in their loot.

At this point, Tarvik and Park-Hour set off for Narwell to find trainers, and commission a suit of armor, while Sir Renkin remained at the Keep, enjoying the attention of the Merchants wife….

On the Trail of Brother Hamis

As the party prepared for one last sojourn to the Caves of Chaos, Brother Hamis and his two silent companions prepared to join the party.
Sir Renkin insisted on detecting Evil on Brother Hamis (Which it is not actually possible with the spell to detect alignments of individuals) who refused on moral grounds and building trust. Sir Renkin honored Hamis’ wishes, but became suspicious. When told that they would not be allowed to join the party, Brother Hamis and co. departed to commune with their diety.

Hastily, Sir Renkin and the party trailed them at a discrete distance into the Gnarley forest, to a ruined keep.

Outside the walls, they encountered a lone bugbear who eluded the group, disappearing into the ruin.
Within the ruin, the party discovered tailings of bugbear spoor, and barged in on some younglings playing. They and their adult chaperone were quickly murdered.

After a brief search, the party also barged in on a scene……Brother Hamis and his acolytes were in a furnished room, studying a map of the area near Hommlett, on the road to Verbobonc.

The party attacked, and dispatched the evil priest. In the aftermath, it was discovered that they were priests of Erythnull, acting in deceit, pretending to be good priests…for whatever reasons ultimately, still unknown.

The party found a signal fire, maps and letters in an indecipherable script, but no sign of the golden Bull skull.

Upon leaving the priests quarters, a group of Bugbears offered to parley, now that their unwlecome master had been killed, but the party murdered them as well.

Not satisfied with the small amount of loot in the Priests chambers, they continued to search, and discovered a barricaded door, behind which descended into the ancient abandoned dungeons of the keep.

In the first chamber below ground, the party were set upon by several ghouls, but were not much of a threat. Now the party prepares to continue into the Bowels of Bone Hill!!

Beneath Bone Hill

After defeating the Evil follower of Erythnull, Brother Hamis, the party slaughtered his Bugbear companions and began to search the Keep in earnest.

After surviving an ambush by Ghouls, the party continued their exploration of the keeps dungeons…
They discovered some horrible remains in what appeared to be the dungeons and gaol. Suddenly the remains rose up and a collective group of goblin zombies and skeletons! Easily sending them back their nasty graves they continued to explore, happening upon another group of the same….but one of these skeletons was a Spellcaster!

The party thought they had the upper hand until the spellcaster succeeded in casting a Sleep! spell and the entire party fell into a deep slumber except for Sir Renkin and Tarvik!

Alone, the two warriors began to systematically destroy the undead, until another group arrived, with a Zombie spellcaster! This group overwhelmed the two valiant warriors, but they were hardy and survived, forcing the Zombie-Spellcaster to flee.

Reviving the rest of the party, they discovered that the Zombie-Spellcaster had dragged Ord away when he fled.

Park_Kour tracked the trail of the Zombie spellcaster through a secret door, and a escape tunnel into the foundations of the tower of the keep. Inside were a horde of skeletons, zombies and the zombie-spellcatser. After a battle fraught with peril, the party was able to overcome the undead horde. They found no treasure, but discovered the source of the light they had seen from outside the keep….a lantern, probably a lure for unwary adventurers. Rather than continue their search, with the sun nearing the horizon, the party gathered Hamis’ horses and returned to the keep. Sir Renking was overcome with an evil foreboding…….“a terrible evil still resides in beneath the keep. We must return to discover the Secret of Bone Hill!”

Back at the Keep, the party were able to study the charts, maps and documents that they had discovered within Brother Hamis study.

A map of the area, with the Keep, Bone Hill, the Caves of Chaos, as well as the Village of Hommlett and Verbobonc clearly marked. There also appear to be several mysterious locations of note that are not explained…..

Documents that you recovered clearly point out that Brother Hamis was a priest of Erythnull, and was taking his orders from a higher authority. A letter addressed to him states, “Watch for patrols from the Keep, and send the signal to the Caves.” Obviously referring to the watchfire above the ruined keep.

A ledger shows notations of numbers and obscure entries that appear to be an account of arms, slaves and other items shipped off from the caves to Hommlett.

Sir Renkin and Vortigern, the Curate of the Keep retell the story of Emridy meadows, and the fall of the Temple of Elemental Evil near Hommlett, and how a Powerful cleric of their order was killed during the battle. Vortigern was young and was present during the battle, as was the Castellan of the Keep. Afterwards, The famous wizard Tenser, with a company of knights and rangers pursued a fleeing TOEE lieutenant into the Gnarley Forest and was never seen again.
The Keep itself was invested soon after as a watchpost.

Vortigern believes that the goblinoid raids are being orchestrated by whoever brother Hamis was reporting to…possibly individuals or a group attempting to resurrect the TOEE. It is also clear based on their orchestrated attacks on the keep that they have been searching for something…something they believe to be within or near the keep.


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