Greyhawk Adventures


Two days out from Safeton, the “EWE” calls on the port of Elredd to sell some cargo and take on fresh supplies. Inkee and another crew member are deathly ill on the sea.

At port, which us a poor excuse for such, flotsam and refuse float in the bay, decrepit fishing scows line the wharves, and a miasma of smoke chokes the shoreline.

The sick crewman abandons ship, and the party goes ashore to look for clues.

The sick crewman sees the PCs and explains that he too is looking for kin that were taken by slavers…and the only thing he knows is to go to the Broken Rudder Inn.

At the Broken Rudder, the PCs share a few drinks, GreenFire fails a Con check and succumbs to a poison, while Inkee notices a situation and gives alarm as a spell is cast, and several thugs attack the party.


The Inn is busy, cramped and full of obstacles.

Next session we roll for initiative and begin the brawl.


A week after the assault on the Sahuagin lair, the party is awakened to the smell of smoke, and rushes out to find Dame Golds manse in flames! Two ships can be seen sailing away, Saffron sails billowing in the heady wind.

A lone survivor tells of how the raiders came at dawn, the gates were open, and many were taken, those who resisted were killed. Dame Gold and her guests were taken alive.

A journal is found on the body of one of the raiders.

The Party hires a ship, and sets sail to Highport….

The Final Enemy

With the assist of Old ELmo’s magic trove, Inkee descends into the lower flooded levels polymorphed as an innocent Hagfish.

In just under an hour he returns.

After a quick summary, and accounting for several hundred Sahuagin, a Giant WHite Shark, and a 4 armed Giant Sahuagin Baron, the party decides to head for Safeton….mission accomplished.

The ship doesnt arrive, and a body found amid the flotsam confirms their fears, the ship was taken by Pirates/Slavers. Its a 6 day hike through the swamp back to Safeton.

Along the way, GreenFire ensures that dangerous encounters are avoided.
A strange den of nasty creatures is avoided, a shallow valley choked with flies, and swarms of other nasty insects…and some demonic creatures that co-habitate. In the Valley, a large ovoid stone lies dominates the center of the v alley, and the attention of the creatures.

The party meets the Ranger Axel, just shy of Safeton, and he provides shelter and conversation.

The party is met with much gala at Safeton, and as the information is shared, the alliance begins to make their plans. A hundred Mermen, a hundred Locathah, and a hundred men join arms to extinguish the Sahuagin threat.

The party is given their reward, 1000GP and homes in Safeton, as well as honorary council members. They take no part in the battle plans nor the assault.

The alliance takes the field and is gone for a week, before they return..victorious. Victory was assured, only due to the intel provided by the PCs. Many lives are lost, but the Sahuagin are defeated. “And as the Great White shark and its attendants died, with a great shudder, the island returned to its proper level, rising back out of the sea.”

Sahuagin Fortress- Level 1

After some careful exploration, the party discovered a Sahuagin guard post, and laid into the offensive. One Sahuagin ran to raise the alarm, and was pursued.
the guard was caught, but not before alerting another group of guards, who were guarding a slave stonework crew. The slaves took the opportunity of the players arrival, melee and distraction to turn on their guards, and kill them.

The party released the lizard men slaves, but Inkee murdered the Orc and Hobgoblins. “Just to be sure.”
The party also rescued Old Elmo, the leader of a previous expedition sent from the free City state of Fax. His party entered the sea cave, which then was still above sea level. They were beaten and captured. His team were all killed, and he was kept alive and interrogated regarding the nature of his teams weapons and enchanted items.

Before the party could find the cache, Elmo succumbed to his wounds (0 Con).

Inkee discovered the secret door in the Supply room, and the party took the loot back to the firebase to Identify the items.
The party decided it was time to leave and return to the ship, and after packing up and marching out to the rendezvous, the ship never showed up.
Returning to the fortress, Will and Tom set to reestablishing their defenses.

The biggest concern now was food and water. There was some food available in the Larder….octopus and manta ray, but very little fresh water. Andris set about to prepare the proper spells to provide for the Assault team.
The Wizard studied up on Identify spells, and in two and a half days, the party was not accosted or were any other creatures seen. This level must truly be abandoned.

After finally identifying the items, the party prepares to scout the lower levels in disguise….either polymorphed into Sahuagin or invisibly.

Please post your plans….it may be easier to resolve through email and form than wasting everyones time at the table…..especially if only one or two PCs partake. (And more fun for the others to have to mount a rescue if they dont return……) Buwahahahahah!!!

Second Foray, Firebase

With the aid of 12 excise men, led by Will and Tom Stoutly, the party skirts the Sahuagin lair, and lights on the marshy shore south of the outcropping. The ship is spotted by Sahuagin pickets in the sea, and give chase to the ship. The party on land, are not noticed.

The party creeps up to the main entry, obviously spotted by those within, who seem unconcerned…trusting in the sturdy construction of the stone doors.

The new party Wizard produces a chime, and suddenly the doors swing open!

The party leads the assault, and with the aid of the men at arms, quickly establishes a forward base inside the foyer of the undersea lair. The guards are killed, and the alarm goes un-sounded.

Setting up Will and Tom to barricade and hold the foyer, the PCs begin their exploration of the Sahuagin lair………

First Foray, Failure

The party explores the Sahuagin lair, and decides to swim down and explore the undersea cave. The above water entry seems too impregnable.
The Lizard men envoys express dismay that their previous home has been so altered by the Sahuagin, to be almost unrecognizable. “Its as if it has been sunk into the sea floor by 80 feet!”

Swimming down to the sea cave, with the aid of Greens druiding magics, the party opens a metal portcullis, only to see that the very large sea cave is full of Sahuagin warriors and sharks!

The party flees, but is swiftly caught and engaged. Brin is captured and drug into the lair, while the rest fend off the Sahuagin and their shark companions. The lizard man allies are killed. With the aid of some well placed light spells, the party escapes. The party sets sail for Safeton, and the Sahuagin give chase, but are quickly out distanced.

Arriving back at Safeton, the council is ill advised to hear this depressing news. An organized evacuation is ordered. Dame Gold, still believing in the party, arranges for another swift strike by the party to secure the info they need to thwart the threat.

An Alliance of Aquatics

The party is brought before the Lizard man chief…their bonds and gags removed.
The Lizard man minister questions them, and once satisfied that they are not Sea Devil sympathisers, are allowed to speak their case.
The Lizard man minister tells the tale of the Devils of the Sea, and how they infested the Lizard Mens old home…a small island just south of their present location. They describe the Sea Devils as the scourge of all sea races. He explains that the weapons on the smugglers ship were to fend off this threat. They have sought the alliance of other aquatic races, the Locathah, Koalinth, Mermen. They say they had not asked for man folk help because the threat is not heirs. He admits seeing the error of this thinking. Oceanus speaks for the Sea Elves and says he will go to his people and urge them to join. The party, led by Inkee (Andrus being incapacitated by a virulent lizard toxin) offers to urge the town council of Safeton to join the alliance. Andrus and his squire remain behind with the Lizard men.
The town council is reluctant to interfere with the threat until they realize that they are next on the menu. Meanwhile, Andrus returns….saying that the Sea Devils attacked and exterminated the Lizard men. he barely survived.

The two Lizard men accompanying the party draws a map of the island, and the Council asks the party to investigate the threat. They are to take 10 men with them. They will be paid 1000 Gold upon completion of the mission.

Dame Gold gifts the party members each an item to help them in their quest. {I let the players select an item of up to 3k gp}

As preparations are underway, some party members leave, not willing to stir up the hornets of the sea, that are the Sahuagin. Will, Tom and 8 soldiers, 2 Lizard men, and the ships crew assemble to discuss the plan of attack…..

Danger at the Dunwater

Three hours sailing south of Safeton, at the mouth of the Dunwater, a steep promontory appears to be inhabited by a tribe of Lizardfolk.
From the sea the party spies three possible entrances, two land based trails lead up to the Dun, while a single seacave yawns openly from the sea.
Oceanus scouts the sea cave and reports that there are lizardmen sentries posted there.

The party decides to put ashore in a rowboat, under cover of the morning mist, and try one of the possible entrances from the trail. Inkee, Carylon Bren theDwarf Wizard, as well as two new companions, a Warlock and another Poleaxe fighter remain aboard the ship.

When the scouting party fails to return by dusk, the second party sets out to follow the first…

The second party enters the cave and finds obvious signs of a scuffle….Lizard and lizard men bodies lie where they fell.

Delving deeper into the complex the small group discovers a temple to the Lizard Man Diety….and are discovered! After a short retreat, the Lizard man patrol seems to have been lost, when around a bend, the band of lizards returns….and summons reinforcements.
After a short battle, many lizards lie dead or dying, the Poleaxe Fighter is down, and one of the lizard leaders speaks in broken hissing common, “Surrender”…and finding themselves cornered….the party agrees.

Hooded, bound and gagged, the party is dragged away….

Meanwhile, the first PC group finds themselves in an interesting situation…..we will pick back up there in two weeks.

Danger at Dunwater
Oceanus’ Tale:

However, Oceanus speaks and understands only the elvish tongue.
Her name is Oceanus and she is a member of the tribe of Manaan
who inhabit the coastal waters about 15 miles southwest of
Safeton. Her stats are in the character section. She was stripped of
her weapons and armour when imprisoned, but though bruised
and hungry, she has suffered no great injury and her spirit is undaunted.
Her tribe has noted, from a dlistance, the periodic arrival of the
Sea Ghost at night at a supposedly deserted, coastal area.
Suspicious of this mysterious behaviour, the tribal chief detailed
Oceanus to follow the ship back to her port of origin and
to discover what she could of these strange proceedings. This
Oceanus did, and at the vessel’s home port (HighPort) witnessed the
purchase and stowing aboard of a large amount of weaponry.
The same night, Oceanus slipped aboard the ship to investigate
things further, but she was no sooner on deck than she was
surprised and stunned, to awaken some time later chained to
this very spot.
She is uncertain as to how long she has been a prisoner or what
her ultimate fate would have been, but if asked she will surmise
about 48 hours for the former and unpleasant for the latter. She
has no knowledge of the lizard men aboard (she has not seen
them) nor does she or any member of her tribe know of the
colony of lizard men for whom the arms are intended.
During her imprisonment she has been brought rather unpleasant
food three times and a cup of brackish, stale water about
six times. On each occasion the bearer has been a large bully
of a person with a hook instead of a left hand (the Bosun)
accompanied by another member of the ship’s crew who has
done nothing but hover uncertainly in the background. These
visitations apart, he has been left to his own devices.
If invited to do so, she will join the party with enthusiasm and
will stay with them throughout their remaining adventures
as she has been fired with the spirit of adventure.

The MilitiaMen:

Corporal -Will Stoutly – 2nd level Fighter. S 17; I 10; W 9; D15; C 12; Ch 9; hp 8.
Alignment NG. Wears chain mail with a
small helmet, no shield, effective armour class 14; armed with
broadsword and dagger.
Private-Tom Stoutly – lst level Fighter Sl7; 19;W8; D 17;C11; Ch 9; hp 8.
Alignment NG. Wears leather armourwith small helmet, no shield, effective armour class 15; armed with broadsword, dagger and light crossbow with eight bolts.

The Danger at the Dunwater:

The discovery that a hitherto unknown colony of lizard men is
in close proximity to the town of Safeton, and is engaged in
the purchase of weaponry which is sophisticated by lizard man
standards, has thrown the Town Council into dismay and
alarm. Greatly troubled and filled with apprehension, they
have called an emergency Council meeting which the
characters, in recognition of their already proven abilities, are
invited to attend. Dame Gold chairs the council.
From the crude map found aboard the smugglers’ vessel and
from information provided by the aquatic elf, Oceanus, it
seems likely that the lizard men are preparing for war. The
Town Council members devoutly hope that their townspeople
are not the intended victims, but greatly fear this possibility.
The site of the lizard men’s colony has been tentatively
identified as a coastal promontory adjacent to a small river, the
Dunwater, some ten miles south west of Safeton. The
Council considers it essential that a scouting party be sent to
reconnoitre the area to ascertain the strength and size of this
colony and the intentions of the lizard men. This would then
enable the citizens of Safeton to undertake proper precautions.
It is put to the characters that, on the basis of their
past success, they are well suited to undertake this mission. A
reward of 2000 gp is offered as an inducement, to be paid on
the successful completion of the adventure.

Seven Feats and the Sea Ghost

The party accepts Dame Gold invitation to the weeklong Harvest Festival at her estate. The estate turns out to be a small village and many local personalities are invited.
6 contestants in addition to the PCS turn out to vie for the Hand of the Harvest Maiden. The Contest consists of 7 feats. At the last minute one of the contestants reveals himself to be an Orc from the Pomarj…but under the rules of the Harvest Fest, he must be allowed to participate.
Andris the Priest of Heironeous wins the Horse Race hands down, and is rewarded by the gift of an outstanding horse as prize.
The second feat is the joust, and the Promidius the Priest of Pelor wins the Masterworked Lance.
The Third contest is the Wrestling event, and Jarst Daro the Orc easily wins and receives a jewelled bronze Girdle.
The fourth contest is the Intelligence test, where brains are proven by the contestants ability to rink heady ale without passing out. Even with their alochol tolerance boosted by the rotten StormApples, the PCs fail, and the Orc Jarst Daro again wins. Th eprize, free training at the Pelor temple.
The fifth contest is the Wall of death where the contestants must stand on a wall while being shot at with blunted arrows. This time, Carlyon the son of one of the local nobles wins, and is awarded a magical shield. The crowd is happy that one of their own has taken a prize.
The Sixth contest is the test of Pain, where the contestants must lift and hold heated tin pots full of boiling water. Needless to say, Jarst Daro the Orc again wins the contest and the prize…Iron ingots and the favor of the local smith to fashion an item of his choice.
The last contest is the Ladies choice,where the Harvest Queen and her handmaidens must be wooed.
Despite a strong performance by Carylon and the Druid Greenfire, Andris the Priest of Heironeous wins the day and the affection of the ladies. The prize, a magical arrow that never misses its mark.

At the end of the festival, Jarst Daro is proclaimed Harvest Champion, and is wedded to the Harvest Queen…much to her disappointment and that of the Town Council. In a splendid ceremony, he is given the Sword of the Champion, and the command of the Safeton Militia. To everyone surprise, he does not leave after the festival ends, but stays on as Champion.

Soon, the dark of the moons approaches, and the Council expects the return of the smugglers. Jarst Daro at the behest of the Town Council sends Tom and Will Stoutly, two sons of a local fisherman and militiamen, to assist the adventurers. They know their way around a boat.

The party positions themselves in the House on Haunted Hill, to await the arrival of the smugglers. Sure enough late that night the light signal from a ship is observed, and the return signal given.

The party swiftly boards their rowboat and oars out to the waiting ship. Another rowboat is heard passing them in the water, headed for shore.

The party rows to the far (dark) side of the ship, clambers up the thick iron anchor chain and begins a direct assault of the crew. Within moments all of the crew are taken or killed, including a wizard, and several Lizard Men. Upon exploration of the ship, it is found to contain many bolts of Silks and casks of various spirits. A secret hold also contains an imprisoned Sea Elf, and a store of shiny new weapons. With the corroboration of documents in the Captains quarters, it is determined that the smugglers are not only smuggling goods into Safeton, but are also providing weapons to Lizard Men just south of Safeton, as well as selling captives as Slaves in HighPort.

While collecting all of the loot, a Pseudo-Dragon is discovered and selects (GreenFire or Bren) as its new companion.

Total Tally of the Loot from the Sea Ghost:
Galley Stores: Food for 10 men for Two Weeks.
Ship Stores: Tools and material for repair at sea.
Lizard Men Quarters: Silver jug (10GP), 100 Silver, 3 crude shields, three javelins, and three broadswords. Value: (15 GP)
Conjurers Quarters: Silver bowl (15 GP), Silver Caraffe (15 GP), Silver Goblet (10 GP), 50 GP coins, Spell Book. Contains: First Level: Read Magic, Mount, Magic Missile, Summon Undead I, Sleep, Benign Transposition, Deep Breath. Second Level: Inky Cloud, Summon Undead II, Summon Swarm, Web. Scroll of Wind Wall. Wand that Inkee discovered. [Metamagic Rod of Extend.]
Captains Cabin: Two potions of Healing, One of Cure Disease, and one of Neutralize Poison. Charts and Pilots Rutter. Valued at (100 GP). 1000 Silver Coins.
Bosuns Cabin: A Parrot, 200 Silver Coins, and a chest containing a spear, a dagger and a strange crossbow.
Crew Cabins:Nothing of real value.
The crew:
They all had the following on their persons: Gold Arm Band (20 GP), Gold Chain (10 GP), Gold Ring (5 GP), Gold Chain (10 GP), Gold Ear-Ring (5 GP), Gold Arm Band (20 GP), Gold Ring with gemstones (75 GP). 45 GP in coins and a blue gemstone (50 GP). Gold Ring (50 GP), Green Gemstone (100 GP), Short Sword Masterworked, Gold Ring (15 GP), Gold Ear-Ring (10 GP). Light CrossBow w/8 quarrels. Shortbow w/8 arrows. One Lizard man has a silver torc, inscribed with the lizard pictograph seen earlier (5 GP).
Cargo: 90 Bolts of various colored Silk 304 casks of various spirits, with a combined value of 5,300 GP after taxes, fees, etc….
Secret Cache: 10 Morning Stars, 10 Broadswords, 9 small shields, 20 Javelins. Total Value (215 GP)

Oceanus: Aquatic Elf Companion/Cohort

Pseudo-Dragon Familiar/Companion (No Feat required unless choosing to make it a familiar)
A pseudodragon may very rarely seek humanoid companionship.
It stalks a candidate silently for days, reading his or her thoughts
and judging his or her deeds. If it finds the candidate promising,
the pseudodragon presents itself as a potential companion and observes
the other’s reaction. If the candidate seems delighted and
promises to take very good care of it, the pseudodragon accepts.
Otherwise, it flies away.
A pseudodragon’s personality has been described as catlike.
At times the creature seems arrogant, demanding, and less than
helpful. It is willing to serve—provided that it is well fed and
groomed, and receives lots of attention. The companion
must pamper it and make it feel like the most
important thing in his or her life. If the pseudodragon
is mistreated or insulted, it will leave—
or worse, play pranks when least expected.
Pseudodragons particularly dislike cruelty
and will not serve cruel masters.
Like dragons, they
are attracted to bright, shiny objects.

Total sale of all loot:
excluding enchanted items and spell book: 6370 GP, or 1592 each. (If you sell the Masterwork weapons or spellbooks, or Rutter, this will be more)
Total XP Haul:
350 Each. +75 to Andris and GreenFire for excellent roleplaying the Ladies Choice Events.

Additionally Andris had been soliciting for Henchmen. After the PCs arrive with the Sea Ghost, there is no lack of volunteers. All will be 0-level commoners, or 1st level experts or warriors.

In addition, a crew for the Sea Ghost (10 men) will cost about 100 GP/ month, plus an Experienced Sea Captain at 20 GP/ month. Plus provisions.

Mercenary Hirelings cost about 6 GP/ month of service.


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