Greyhawk Adventures

In search of the Horn

WealSun 17

Midday of the 17th the party crosses paths with a group of mountain tribesmen, but the gnomes recognize them as vassals of the Gnome Laird, and offers greeting. The rest of the day is spent with the tribesmen in camp. The tribesmen are hunting humanoids, and the party tells them about the gnolls at the Ogre den.
The Tribesmen give the party a gift, a scroll case containing remnant of an old journal. (I will post it in the files section.) The party gives the tribesmen chief the silver and amethyst necklace taken from Esmerelda the WolfWere (previously taken from one of the Fingers of Iuz’ pack horses…)

Wealsun 18 Dark of the Moon. There is no moon this night.

Leaving the tribesmen behind, the party returns to the site of the encounter with the Brown Bears and begins searching along the road for the track indicated on the map. Soon, Calixta finds two engraven stone markers that identify where the road once terminated. As the party are clearing away the debris and examining the markers, a shadow passes overhead.

Suddenly a large scaly Wyvern darts out of the sky, and amid a hail of arrows and spells, it snatches Calixtas horse in its talons, stings it repeatedly with its scorpion like tail, and flies off. The party is left with only three horses.

The overgrown trail heads south into treacherous mountains, it is overgrown, narrow and difficult to navigate further progress will be slow going.


Gnome Vale

Wealsun 16.

The party is given audience with the Gnome Laird, who welcomes them to the clans.
They are able to provide information and indicate on the party map where to find Iggwilvs Horn.
The party is feasted and introduced to every gnome in the vale.
Two brave gnomes volunteer to join the party in order to bring glory to their clan.

Nibelung the brave, a 4th Level fighter and captain of the wall defenders. He is armed with a spear, shield and short bow.

Baeran Keen Eye, a 2nd level Scout (or fighter) and archer. Armed with a short bow and a short sword.

The day is spent feasting, and overeating. At least the food is decent.

Wealsun 13 - 15

WealSun 13

Continuing to follow the Fingers of Iuz’ trail of horses, the party takes thr trail heading for Krestible and Perrenland. Late in the day, the party comes to the attention of a Perrenlander border patrol.
Reginald convinces the Perrenlanders that they are not a threat and pleasantries are exchanged. The Party learns that the Patrol met and killed a Dwarf (Actually a Druagr!) alone with a pack of horses , who matches the description of the one from the encounter at Nevarna with Demise. The patrol captain gives you his halberd as token and trophy.

Wealsun 14
After sharing the Perrenlander’s camp, the party retraces its path to the secret gnome trail. They stop off at the Ogre den, only to find it occupied by gnolls, who seem to be making it their new home. A full days journey along the narrow path, the party finds a hidden vale populated by gnomes. Again, Reginald convinces the gnomes to provide aid, and the party is admitted and given home and hearth for the duration of their stay.

WealSun 12 WolfWeres of Perrenland

WealSun 11
GodsDay (Waning moon)

Calixta wakes on the morning of the 11th with a terrible case of dysentery and is forced into a supporting role, managing the horses and gear.
After defeating the Ogres on the road, Inkee follows their obvious trail to a concealed cave, where he determined more ogres are waiting for their food to arrive.

A quick and coordinated ambush, followed by successive fireballs from Kidge, results in a very brief confrontation. Anything the Ogres may have had was destroyed in the conflagration, in fact the smoke is so thick, an exploration of the Ogre cave will have to wait. The party moves on…..

That evening as the party is making camp and preparing for bed, two wandering minstrels from Krestible approach the camp. They offer coneys and music in exchange for sharing the party’s fire.
After the meal, the two, Carlos and Esmerelda, begin to entertain the party, and play along with Reginald. On the second chorus, Reginald suspects that the two are attempting to lull the party into complacency, and reacts with a countersong, and a Sound Burst! The Soundburst stuns Carlos, but Esmerelda continues to sing her ballad, using her words to Suggest to Inkee that he should prevent Reginald from spoiling her music. Thus enthralled, Inkee attacks Reginald.

Tarvik breaks the enchantment and engages Carlos in melee. Carlos responds by defending himself with a sword, hidden within his bedroll. On the following round, Kidge and Inkee break the enchantment, and Inkee engages Esmerelda. Once threatened, she turns and metamorphoses into a huge Dire Wolf! The Dire wolf lets out a chilling call into the night, and then engages Inkee.

Tarvik sunders Carlos’ blade, then he too changes into a huge Dire Wolf!

The Dire wolves bites are brutal, and their hides seem impervious to harm. Eventually under the combined assault of Tarviks blade and Kidge’s sorcery, the Dire Wolves succumb to their wounds….just as a pack of Dire Wolves arrives, heeding the call of their masters!

Kidge scares them away with a skillfully manipulated ball of fire, and the party returns to camp, and an uneasy sleep.

Among the mistrels belongings the party finds a collection of coins, mostly Perrenland silver, but some Bissel Gold, as well as some Kettite coppers and Veluna stags. Three potions, Fly and Cure Moderste Wounds, and a third unrecognizable. A few of the items in their possession, Inkee recognizes from previously belonging to the Fingers of IUZ!

Due to the ravages of the WolfWeres, Kidge recommends that they watch each others behavior during the next full moon….Godsday, Richfest, in three weeks. (Its also the night where BOTH moons are full!)

Into the Mountains

Wealsun 1-5 After a week of celebrations in Bissel, the party gears up for an expedition into the Yatil mountains in pursuit of the Fingers of Iuz.

Although a river journey up the Velverdyva might be faster, the waters are swollen with sring runoff and unsafe. Besides, the overland trek would also be very difficult. The Highfolk road is also not an option due to a recent avalanche that has washed out the road.

As they prepare, the party is introduced to a female Ranger, Calixta. “I know some of that area.” she says, “And you look like you could use an extra companion and guide.” Tarvik is able to vouvh for her. “I knew her brother. Both were fine trackers.”

The party leaves Bissel without fanfare. The journey into Ket and the Yatils takes a good eight days.
During those days, food and lodging are taken at welcoming villages and farmsteads, which get fewer and further between as the party goes higher into the mountains.

WealSun 6

On the 6th day out from Bissel the party comes upon a burned out farmstead. They had been planning on tethering the horses with the local farmer here. The farmers bodies are found, lined up and executed. A black feather tells the party that the Fingers of Iuz are a few days ahead of them.

As the party climbs the trail into the mountains, local flora diminishes. There are fewer copses of trees, most giving way to tangleweed and scrub brush. Some few stands of pines and evergreens persist in places. Many game trails and caves dot the landscape. In many places the trail winds around precarious precipices, while at other times it crosses alpine meadows full of heather and dandelions. Water in plentiful, many streams churning with spring runoff.
Goats and sheep run free, and the odd bear and elk can be seen, studying the party before fleeing into the brush.

While the trail is difficult the off trail terrain is downright formidable. (All off trail movement is considered difficult terrain.)

Movement daily by horseback is 15 hexes/day Half that if searching for trails or tracking.
Movement afoot is 9 hexes/day. Again halved if tracking or searching. This is halved again for minor trails, and halved again for off trail excursions. (1/4 move off trail.)

The party must graze the horses 1 day in 3, and can also take that opportunity to hunt, once provisions run out.

WealSun 7

The party encounters a landslide and must spend half of a day clearing a safe path.

WealSun 8

The party happens upon a Hobgoblin War Party camped on the trail. The party dispatches the Hobgoblin scouts and then Kidge sends some Arcane ice storm into the encampment, driving the Hobgoblins off in terror.

WealSun 9

Just before noon the party stops at an intersection of trails, and while looking for the Fingers’ trail, Calixta is set upon by a pair of large brown bears. The party scares them off without taking any casualties. Shortly thereafter the party encounters a band of Dwarves on the march. The dwarves are hunting the hobgoblins, and the party passes on what info they have. It takes several hours for the column of dwarves to march past. The many dwarves have obscured any trail that the party may have been able to follow.

Wealsun 10

While trying to regain the trail of the Fingers’ Calixta finds a hidden trail and some very faint gnome tracks. They follow the secret trail for a few hours, before turing back. They mark the trail for locating again later. That evening the happen upon the carcass of a horse in the road. By the spilling of its packs, the party determines that it belongs to one of the agents of the Fingers’ likely the Duergar. They camp just down the road.

WealSun 11

Believing that the Fingers’ are now at least 4 days ahead of the party, they hurriedly break camp and begin their journey, only to be surprised by a pair of Ogres hungry for a quick breakfast!!
The party dispatches the ogres fairly speedily, and prepares to resume their journey…..

The GodTrap

Planting 20. [Fast Forward to Flocktime 20.] cy. 580
Festivities through Flocktime 27.
Rest on the 28th.
Resume adventuring on Wealsun 1.

Interrogating the Ibixian (Goat Demon) Hadil, the party easily locates the Staff of Fanon below in the Garden. Its power has caused all manner of plant life to thrive, sustaining the “Fingers of Iuz” as Hadil names Demise and her band of mercenaries.
Hadil reveals that he was the Herald of Iggwilv, and Demise sought him out for information on the Horn of Iggwilv. “I dont know where Iggwilv is. No one does.”

After some negotiation, Hadil agrees to lead the party out. “There are only two ways out of Nevarna” he says, “Back through the Aaracockra caves, or through the Calliope.” And there is a Balor wandering around. “It wont be able to Gate itself out or away…..”

Hadil leads the team to a round room, painted in geometric shapes, that spins and becomes disorienting upon entry. He indicates a lever, grasps it and disappears. In turn, each party member grasps the lever and disappears.
Individually, each party member find themselves trapped in an arcane prison, offered four choices…..Fiery Mountain, Freezing Glacier, Stormy sea, or a Kaliedescope. Each party member chooses the Kalidescope and is trapped! By force of will, and by their mortal nature, the GodTrap is thwarted, and the party effects an escape. “Hadils laughter echoes in their thoughts as they escape.”

Those who escape, elect to appear anywhere they choose….and they all choose to reappear in the great hall of Bissel, the throne room containing the crystal coffin of the princess. Bloom and Ophydd do not arrive.

The party realizes that, with proper training and/or experience, the GodTrap could be used for effectively instantaneous travel anywhere the traveler has been. It could also be used as a trap for a non mortal who may have difficulties escaping its lure.

The Margrave is beside himself with glee, and calls for Mordenkainen.
The party meets the princess’ husband to be a Warrior from the North, Tarvik, who distinguished himself during the battle with Ket, and rewarded by the Margrave.

Mordenkainen arrives in a week, and dispels the crystal coffin. The Margraves Arch-cleric uses the staff to cure the Princess of her ailment. Then revels begin. The Margrave celebrates by hosting three weeks of parties and jubilations.

Meanwhile, the party takes council with the Margrave and Mordenkainen. With information gleaned from Hadil, and maps and items recovered from Demise’s sanctuary in Nevarna, it is confirmed that Iuz seeks the Horn of Iggwilv.

“Whatever Iuz is up to, it must be thwarted” Mordenkainen says.

The Margrave looks hopefully to the party…“I will offer you my complete support and backing in this…..should you choose to go.”

Laying the map of the mountains on the table, the party speculates where the Horn may be, and begins to chart their journey and gather supplies.

A divination by the court Arch-cleric determines that Bloom and Ophydd are far away and in grave danger. His divinations also reveal that the party’s path does not yet lie in that direction. “Your friends are in danger, they will suffer. You cannot save them. If you try, certain death will result.”

After the meeting with Mordenkainen, he invites Sahid to assist him with his research, and Sahid agrees, saying goodbye to the party. (Unless Cory wants to play Joes character)

The Tower of Nevarna

Planting 17-19

Despite the omens from Olidamarra regarding the red gemstone, Greed gets the better part of Inkee and Bloom, and bloom grabs the gem. The instant that the Gnome touches the gem, he vanishes! And a large fire wreathed demon of the abyss stands in his place. The huge red skinned and bat winged demon regards the party with yellow slit pupiled eyes. “Mortals! Because you have affected my release I shall not destroy you. In addition, I shall grant you one wish, anything that is within my power shall be done. You may know me as Agrazhar. Say my name three times and I shall heed thy call. Do not ask of me foolishly, for my power is great, but my patience is short. And I have lost too many years trapped within that God-Prison.” With that he vanishes in a puff of brimstone and smoke.

Ophydd, then grasps the gemstone, and disappears to be replaced by Bloom the Gnome. Bloom has no recollection of his whereabouts for the last few minutes. Thinking hard, the party rests for a day, then Inkee summons a snake ally, who enters the gemstone and frees Ophydd. Opyhdd does not recollect the passing of the last day.

Leaving the stone, and wondering what trouble the released Balor may cause for Greyhawk, the party continues their exploration in search of the Staff of Fanon.

A short jaunt down the corridor they discover an archway obscured by strips of leather, a makeshift screen. Inkee attempts to sneak through it when he notices the firetrap enchantment too late. He and Ophydd are engulfed in flames, Inkee remains unharmed. Stepping through the curtain, Inkee again misses the Glyphs of warding inscribed therein, and several skeletons are instantly summoned to defend the chamber.

The large pillared chamber itself is dominated by a central dome, a globe of magical darkness hovers within the central dome.

The party spends a few rounds dispatching the skeletons, and another minute preparing to explore the chamber. Avoiding the central dome and Darkness, Inkee scouts around and discovers a passageway on the opposite side of the room….and two hill tribesmen archers lying in wait to plunge black fletched arrows into any intruders.

Inkee drops his invisibility to shoot an arrow at the archers, and the battle for the chamber is engaged.

Ophydd enters the room and espies cloaked skeletal figures motionless behind pillars within the central dome.

The archers hold the party off, but soon find themselves engaged in melee. As all except Bloom and Kijj engage, two more tribesmen enter the fray. One a dwarf, and another a warrior.

Spells fly and one of the archers drops, only to be revealed to be a female Kobold Rogue.
The warrior slams his Tower Shield to the ground and waves of magical power radiate from it. As it does so, he is revealed to be a Hobgoblin Knight, the other archer is a Barbarian of the Wolf Nomads, and the dwarf, armed with a Halberd, is actually a Duergar!

The Wolf Nomad Barbarian attacks Inkee and shatters his Thinblade. Spells prove useless as the Knights shield prevents all manner of magical effects.

Eventually the Wolf Nomad Barbarian charges Kijj, only to be brought low by Kijjs Excruciating Ring.

Ophydd and Inkee are tripped by the Duergar Halberdier, but he fails to land any telling blows.

Eventually IUZ himself arrives to the scene, and order the villains to retreat, “My work is done here…I have what I need.” The Duergar responds, “But what about my Lantern?” IUZ responds in a distinct female voice, “Leave it. It is of no use to me.” As IUZ nears the Knight, his forms shifts to that of a female elf, wearing black robes and a leathery Rictus mask. She orders the waiting skeletons in the central dome to bar the party’s escape, then orders a retreat.

The group of villains makes a tactical and well organized retreat, covering each other as they go.
The Duergar, too slow to maintain the pace, slips out of the protective Anti-Magic Shell of the Knights shield, and is taken down by Kijj.

Furious, IUZ/Rictus masked Elf, summons more skeletons to block the party’s pursuit, then assumes a contingent gaseous form as Lidda the Kobold Rogue tosses a bag of Dust of Sneezing and Choking into the center of the party. Bloom and Kijj manage to deal with the skeletons, while the rest of the party are (stunned) for the better part of a minute. The tactic allows the villains to retreat and escape, dragging their fallen Duergar comrade with them. The Wolf Nomad Barbarian is left behind.

Bloom and Kijj also take the opportunity to loot the Barbarians body and find a +1 Two Handed LuckBlade, a Helmet and a Horn. Along with a purse of coins from various nations including Wolf Nomads, Frost Barbarians and Iuz and the Horned Society. He also carries a GreatBow, and has several Black Fletched Enchanted arrows (5) remaining in his quiver. He also has an amulet of Natural armor +2, and a ring of Regeneration/5.

A Minute later, after the coughing and sneezing has subsided, the party begins their pursuit.

They find the chamber at the end of the corridor deserted, except for tables and lecterns of books, urns, glassware, and various alchemical and arcane apparati.

And a goat headed beastman chained to a plinth. “Mortals! Release me please!” he cries in a pleading voice, sounding nearly in tears. Its obvious that he has been tortured, based on the marks on his body and the tools nearby. Of the Villains, there is no sign.

The Staff of Fanon

Planting 11-16

Arriving in the village of Airth, the party finds the village under an enchantment, and the staff gone. A villain, who matches the description of Iuz himself, took the staff, and disappeared into Chanurs cave, after ruining the village.

With urging from the Lady of the manor, the party enters the cave in pursuit.

Within the cave, the PCs find themselves in another otherworldly realm. They explore and are attacked by enchanted Aaracockra, bird men. They overcome, but are soon to be swarmed by reinforcements when they discover amulets that ward them Sanctuary from the attentions of the Aaracockra.

Following the trail, they find themselves at the edge of a vast desert, with a single tower the only visible destination. Also, a mage arrives, having been sent to aid the party from Mordenkainen.

Ophid the priest ensures that the party crosses the desert unharmed, and they enter the tower.

Within, they find the tower empty and deserted.

In one chamber they find an enchanted Gemstone that Ophid senses bad omens from.

They also find a Olidmarran throne and audience chamber….perhaps a great priest of Olidamarra once resided here?

The Diamond Throne

Planting 8 – 10

Arriving in Bissel, the party seeks the Margrave in the newly retaken capital of Thornward. The Margrave explains that Bissel has been at war with Ket for some time, and recently an armistice has been reached. The victory is bittersweet, because although the Margrave has reinvested Thornward, his daughter the princess has taken mysteriously ill. None of the court physicians or mages seem to be able to cure the malady.

The court bishop, a Kettite, and the Arch Mage Mordenkainen divine that the illness is unnatural. Mordenkainen enchants the princess encasing her in a force barrier that will prevent her from dying for one year. The court bishop regales the Margrave of stories he has heard of a magical staff in a very prosperous village in Ket. The staff is believed to be responsible for the villages prosperity, and it is rumored to have powerful healing properties.

Mordenkainen has other tasks to attend to with the Circle of Eight, so the Margrave asks the PCs to retrieve the staff and heal his daughter. He promises any reward within his power.

The Orb of Golden Death

Growfeast 3 – 7 (The 7th is sacred to Olidamarra and is known as Fools Day!)

Returning to Hommlett, the party seeks the counsel of Rufus and Berne.
Andris immediately dresses himself and rides for Verbobonc to inform his order of the situation at the temple.
As baths are drawn and meals prepared, the party meets Ofydd, a cleric of Olidhamara who has been sent by divine omens to meet the party. He was formerly a slave in the Pomarj and was rescued by the acts of the party.

After the meal, a group of the airships crew straggle into the Keep, one of them bearing a hatbox.
They explained that they were set free, to bring a message to the party.
Inside the box is the head of the Airship Captain. The head is glamered and begins to speak, telling the observers that their friends and crew are being held within the temple. They will be released the head says, if they simply bring the Yellowskull (Orb of Golden Death) to them at the temple steps.

Rufus and Berne question the party about the Yelllowskull, and they admit to having it in their possession.
The bedraggled crew are asked to leave, but become agitated. “DO you have the Goldenskull?” one of them asks Inkee. “He has it!” they yell, and then the room is plunged into darkness.

Amidst the darkness Inkee is grappled, and rough hands search through his gear in the darkness.
The two men at arms at the door are killed.
Bloom, the gnome, dispells the darkness and the party find that the crew have been replaced by black skinned and long taloned Babau Demons!

Kijj is killed in the melee before the party can act. Inkee, nearly killed, escapes with his magical boots. Rufus attacks, while Berne teleports to his study. Bloom banishes a demon, and Ofydd attempts to avoid melee.

Realizing their prize has fled, the Demons blink out, leaving the room in total disarray.

Inkee returns, carefully avoiding the gaze of the Gargoyles perched on the Keep.

The Druid of the Grove is summoned and revives Kijj. He joins the War Council.

Berne returns and wards the tower, Bloom warning them that someone is scrying their actions.

Berne then convinces the part to give him the YellowSkull, which he takes to his study to ….study.

While the party makes plans, Rufus tells them that he has put out the call to muster the troops, and as soon as Andris returns with help from Verbobonc, they will march on the temple and raze it to the ground once and for all.

Several days later Andris returns at the head of a great host of men and elves from Verbobonc.
Meanwhile, Rufus has divined the nature of the artifact and its demise.

“It must be struck by a mighty gale, struck by a granite hammer, scorched by an intense flame, and then immersed in frigid water.” The party begins preparations to do just that. They gather a stone bucket, a pail, and fashion a maul from a block of stone.

As the warhost marches on the Temple, Rufus and Berne wish the party luck. “We are the diversion for your actions are the true threat.” And provides the party with a scroll of Plane shift to return them home.

With much apprehension the party uses the Goldenskull to enter the Demi-Plane of Fire and retrieves a bucket of molten lava. Then they use the Skull to transport them to the Demi-plane of water where they retrieve a bucket of frigid ice water. Next they teleport back to the Demi-Plane of Air where they begin the ceremony.

Bloom raises the Orb into the gusting wind atop the great spire, then Kijj strikes it solidly with the Stone Maul, then Bloom plunges it into the pail of lava. As soon as it begins to glow red hot, but before Inkee can douse it with the icy water, a figure appears.

An old twisted man, standing on a flying carpet blinks into the air next to the party. “Stop!” he yells…“You dont know what you are doing!” Kijj, not recognizing IUZ, the Demi-God himself, throws a chain lightning…only to have the Old Man reflect to back with a gesture. The party is struck numb by the Frightful Presence of a Divine Power….

Suddenly another figure appears, dressed in flowing blue robes over shining mail. He turns to the party, winks and says “Ill handle this from here….please continue.” he then grabs IUZ and both Divine personages (For yes, that was indeed St. Cuthbert himself!) blink out of existence.
Shaking off the hesitation, Inkee douses the YellowSkull with the water and it turns black and shatters!

At that moment, the Demi-Planes begin to implode, but not before Ofydd reads the Plane Shift scroll. The only party member who can do so!

With a great Crack! and Demonic screams, the Temple implodes, taking all within it to their doom.

The party appears in the Verbobonc Town square, exhausted, but alive. And Triumphant!

Deciding not to return to Hommlett, the party sends word that they are alive and continuing on to Bissel to see the Margrave.

Planting 1-7

The road is uneventful, except for one night after leaving Verbobonc, they are ambushed within an Inn by the surviving Slave Lord, Slippery Ketta! She is aided by another Monk of the Scarlet Brotherhood and a swarm of spiders.

The party make short work of her, and discover documents in her possession that indicate nefarious powers are at work.


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