Greyhawk Adventures

Stockade Loot

Rooms 30, 31, 32 Upper Level:
Orc Officer Quarters:
Brass bracers 10gp
Gold Ring 25gp
Ivory Dagger 30 gp
40 gp coins

Guest Bedroom (Tancred):
60 gp Coins
5 Amethysts 50 gp each
Wand of Knock : 8 charges

Executioners Quarters:
Large Composite Bow Masterwork [Strength 18]
15 Large broadhead arrows

From Andris – Distribute/Claim as those that want it. Trade/Sell the rest.
Ring of Free Action (INKEE)
Ring of Infravision
Divine Scroll: 2x Divine, Continual Light
Circlet of Charisma 4
Potion of Heroism (
2 bonus to attack/saves/skill check)

Jewelry & Gems
Jewelry #1 – 1,000gp
Jewelry #2 – 1,000gp
10 Gems – 10x 100gp = 1,000gp
Gold Jewelry – Dragon Motif – 5,000gp
2 Gems @ 1,000gp each
1 Gem @ 550gp
Belts from the Wearboar’s that aided Icor (150 gp each)
From Wood Coffer #1 – Ruby 2000GP, 10 tourmalines 100 GP each, 1 aquamarine 400 GP
From Iron Coffer – Uncut Sapphires 8 × 250 GP each, & Ruby 500 gp.

Gold in coins.

Unclaimed Magic Items – trading recommended
Cloak of the Manta Ray
+1 Keen Bastard Sword (From Icar)
Magic Sword from the Executioner (Greatsword +1 with Disarm for those of Human size)
Magic Sword from Blackthorn (Medium sized Two Handed Sword +1, Human Bane)
Magic Armor from Blackthorn (Large Chain Shirt +1, Adamant DR 5/-)

Unclaimed Magic Items – Identify, claim, or sell if no-one can use them
Cloak of Protection 1
Amulet from Blackthorn – ESP (Detect Thoughts)
Icar’s Ring (Protection from Fire/10)
Real Markessa’s Wand Wand of Magic Missile: 25 charges
Real Markessa’s Armor Female Adamant Chain Shirt +2, DR5/-
Real Markessa’s Thinblade (
2 Thinblade of Speed)
Real Markessa’s Ring: Ring of Spell Storing 5 levels.
Real Markessa’s Staff: Staff of Healing 12 Charges.
Real Markessa’s Platinum Bracers Bracers of Dexterity +4
Iron Coffer – Divine Scroll Tube (Restoration, Cure Critical, Imbue with Spell Ability, Wrack)
Wood Coffer #1 – Arcane Scroll Case (Dominate Person, Baleful Polymorph, Overland Flight, Translocation Trick )
Wood Coffer #2 – Brass Ring Ring of Wizardry III
Mahogany Box – Amulet wrapped in Silk (Amulet of Power Word Pain)
Fake Markessa’s armor Masterwork Chain Shirt
Fake Markessa’s Thinblade (Masterwork ThinBlade)
Fake Markessa’s ring(s) Ring of Metamagic Quicken Lesser (as the Rod).
Fake Markessa’s ring(s) Ring of Spell Storing 5 Levels
Fake Markessa’s circlet Circlet of Charisma +4
Fake Markessa’s Jewelry 800 GP
Markessa’s Spell books from Room 35 in the Dungeon. All Arcane Spells 1st – 3rd Level from Players Handbook. Plus, Benign Transposition, and Translocation Trick.
Amulet from the room with the Pentagram (Protection from Good)

Unidentified Stuff
Glass Vial – Potion of Haste
Glass Vial – Potion of Heroism
Glass Vial – Remove Disease
Glass Vial – Lesser Restoration

Mopping Up

Recuperating from the climactic battle with Markessa and BlackThorn, the party retreats to the Ogre Magi’s apartment to rest and heal up. Inkee ixplores BlackThorns escape tunnel, which actually leads to a treasury. The party devises a plan to get in and loot it, while above, the Fort, lost of its leadership begins to turn upon each other in a bloody chaotic mass of murder and mayhem.

Once the treaure is successfuly stolen, (But not before Being poisoned multiple times) the party looks for the remaining slaves and an escape route.
They find the slaves, a large number who have not been broken yet, as well as a few who are in preparations to being sold. Andris takes on th eonus of directing and protecting the slaves.
meanwhile the party advancesa and finds Markessas bedroom, study and sanctum. They also hapen to find an Invisible Markessa hiding in a wardrobe. Markessa flees, but is brought up short by Spike. She cast some gnarly spells as she attempts to flee, nearly tabling the party. She is ultimately brought down by Inkee and the Elven Thinblade.

Stripped of her artifcats the party plunges on, surpriing a group of Drow Elves who are packing slaves and supplies on Pack Lizards, obviously for an undergeound expedidtion of some length. Inkee tries his diplomatic tongue, but the Drow Female leader sees through his bluff and orders her men to the attack. In the ensing combat, the DRow are killed, but the DRow woman flees invisibly, and is not found.

Exiting the caverns near a lake, Inkee blows the Euroch horn given by the Hill Tribes, who respond quicker than can be believed. The slaves are taken to the occupied Gnol village and set up for regaining their strength. Several wish to be returned to their homes, promising a reward, while others are contenct to make their living in the DRachenscrab Hills with the Hillmen.

Meanwhile, the party negotiates with the Hillmen to trade with Highport in their stead, and Andris takes the stronger (and wealthier) slaves back to their homes along the Wild Coast.


as the party hukers down in Blackthorns apartment, Inkee explores the Sally tunnel, while Eldryn and Will retrieve the alchemist.
The tunnel appears to be an escape tunnel. It also opens into the apartment across the hall, obviousy belonging to the werewolves, based on the smell of wet fur and feces. The tunnel appears to extend for some distance away from the hill fort.

The alchemist is dragged into the chamber kicking and screaming, expecting this to be his last moments of life.

Eldryn prepares his identify spell, while the alchemist is interpreted.
The alchemist appears dismayed when he learns that you have killed Markessa, Icar, Executioner, Gulyet and Blackthorn. “with the leadership dead, there will be no one powerful enough to keep the goblinoids under control.”

He also tells you that Blackthorn was the leader of the underfort garrison. “your opposition should be minimal without him leading and directing. The bugbears loyalty were tenuous at best.”
He directs the party to the western part of the underfort, where you may find the slaves that remain."
Those not fit for immediate purchase, nor valuable enough to send onward, were used as subjects in Markessas experiments. The resultsbof which you have seen in the lab.
“her spell books and treasure are kept In her chambers …to the southwest.”

He also tells you that Blackthorn was sent as emissary from the “nine”. “Markessa didn’t trust him.”

The party is not disturbed during the time required to complete the identify spell.

ShowDown with the Slave lord

Taking Blackthorns directions, with the urging of his gaseous form and a pair of shifted werewolves, the party prepares to ambush Markessa in her lab.
Inkee listens at the door and hears a heated argument between two female voices.

Bursting into the room, they find themselves in a huge lab, nearly 40 feet wide and 60 feet long, full of bottles, beakers, glassware and strange alchemical substances. Various body parts float in jars of brine. Several bookcases, shelves, cupboards litter the room, as well as several tables. Upon one of these tables a freshly sutured unrecognizable creature screeches in pain. Its body parts are mismatched, yet it still lives, although it is restrained to the table with wide leather bonds.
A mezzanine balcony extends over the far end of the room, providing a vantage point and cover for goblin archers.

A short goblin woman in Chainmail that is too big for her, argues with a short beautiful elf woman with porcelain skin. Her hair is silver, her eyes a beautiful magenta, and her skin nearly snow white. A huge Winter Wolf rises from where it was laying at the feet of the women, and growls a warning as the party enters.

A dozen goblins with bows are scattered around the room, begin to shout a warning and nock arrows to their bows.

The Goblin woman yells “See! I told you…Intruders!!”

The Ice white elf’s magenta eyes burn with displeasure as she ducks for cover and disappears behind one of the cupboards.

One goblin rushes to two cages holding Owlbears and fumbles at the release.

Inkee charges in and kills the goblin before he can release the Owlbear, and engages Markessa as she tries to cast a spell. She is wearing a chain shirt beneath her robes and has a strange fine blade strapped to her hip. She yells at Gulyet, the Goblin priest, “Kill the spellcaster!” and points at Eldryn. Meanwhile, Andris, Will and Spike have engaged the Winter Wolf, but not before the creature bites Andris savagely and freezes him, also killing two unwitting goblins who were too close to the Paladin.

Greenfire, in the guise of a bat, worries Markessa and keeps the goblin defenders busy.

Gulyet cannot land a blow on the wily Eldryn, while Markessa attempts to escape by magically trading places with a goblin…..Inkee gives chase. She draws her Thinblade and engages inkee, wounding him severely.

Finishing off the Winter Wolf, the party Gives chase, and hits her with a silence that prevents further spellcatsing. Desperate she silently puts up a wall of smoke and tries to hide. To no avail.

Meanwhile, a goblin has managed to free another Owlbear, much to his own demise. The Owlbear engages Gulyet and keeps her from harrassing the party, and is ultimately her demise.

One last ditch attempt to flee, Markess runs for the exit, only to be struck down by Inkee.

Catching their breath, they now hear Blackthorn shouting at the werewolves “Break down that Damn Door!” Trying to get at the party.

Retreating to the lab, and preparing a defensive stand, they await the mysterious villain.

Blackthorn enters the lab victoriously, preceded by two bugbear captains and the two werewolves.
Inkee sets the other OWlbear free, but is dismayed as it sniffs him out and attacks him rather than Blackthorn and his minions!

Greenfire Entangles the lab by causing vines and roots to sprout and overgrow the entire room. It slows the werewolves down, but the Bugbears and Blackthorn are unhindered.

Will, Spike and Andris engage the Bugbears, While Eldryn and Greenfire pummel Blackthorn with magical attacks…which are mostly ineffective.

The werewolves break free and engage the party on the balcony, while Blackthorn cloaks himself in darkness and flies up to engage Andris and Eldryn.

Will and Inkee are nearly killed, and Andris retreats before the onslaught.

With concerted effort, Inkee and Andris are able to defeat the werewolves and bugbears, while the Owlbear wanders off confused.

Blackthorn presses teh attack, but Andris, using Icars two handed sword, is able to disarm the creature from using his Human Bane Blade. In Greenfires lightning storm, Blackthorn is revealed to be an Ogre Mage in disguise!

The attack is renewed, and Will takes up Blackthorns blade, using it against the Magi..
Greenfire finds some alchemical preparations in the lab and entangles Blackthorn in a concoction of tanglefoot, and Glittedust.

Eventually Inkee scores a telling blow and the creature falls to its death.

Amid the aftermath the party finds documents leading to a city on no map, called Suderham. Ledgers indicate that their loved ones have been sent on for ransom. There is also a ledger implicating many prominent merchants in the Wild Coast and Sea of Gearnat areas. The Lords of Gearnat would be most interested in such documents.

The creature on the table is recognized as Philbin, one of the ships crew. He is killed out of mercy.

The party secures Markessas Ring, Wand, Staff, Armor and Sword, Blackthorn’s Sword, Large Chain shirt and an amulet. The Goblin shaman had magical dwarf sized chainmail and a Morningstar.

Greenfire selects specific alchemical compounds for later use.

Finally catching their breath after two exhausting battles, they decide to hole up and wait in Blackthorns chambers. Once there Inkee discovers a hidden door, and Eldryn finds a magical hanging plant. Blackthorn also has several thousand gold coins and financial records, as well as a Large Sized Glaive.

The party hunkers down to rest, while the stockade, deprived of its leaders, descends into chaos around them.

XP Award: 2000xp

Good Job!

Beneath the Stockade

Our intrepid and persistant adventurers decided to follow the stairs beyond the cupboard into the dungeons beneath the Stockade. But not before Inkee was able to impersonate Icar (behind the door) and order the Hobgoblins to round up all the men and search for the escaped slaves. Apparently when the Hobgoblin sentries found the Hole in the wall they assumed that slaves had managed to escape.

Beneath the stockade, the PCs discovered a goblin guard post and killed them all swiftly.

They continued to explore, and were set upon by a pair of Giant spiders…too bad for the spiders.

Next, a ghostly apparition guided them to a hidden door and passageway, that later they were to determine bypassed the lair of some Boggles. (And Boggles, being able to dimension door, are not to be trifled with in their lair!)

The found several storerooms, and stumbled into a torture chamber. They engaged the goblins and three Worgs….but the 5 prisoners were beyond help. They discovered a secret door inside the Iron MAiden, and another Wizard Locked door. Andris beat down the enchanted door which lead to an alchemists lab. Exiting the lab, the stumbled into the alchemists chambers…and he quickly surrendered without a fight. He told the party (under duress) details about Markessa, and Blackthorn both agents of the “Nine”.

Following the alchemists directions, the party set upon Blackthorn in his chambers, catching him by surprise. Gray skinned, 7 feet tall, with sunken eyes, and a skeletal figure, Blackthorns appearance defies description. Blackthorn attempted to negotiate, but as usual Andris charged and engaged the villain in mortal combat before any information or details could be had.

Fending off the rapacious Paladin, Blackthorn turned invisible, but Spike was able to locate the villain, who had flown up near the ceiling. Knowing he was had, Blackthorn attempted to escape the confines of the room, by overruning Will. Will was knocked down, but Eldryn barred the way.
Now visible, the party dished out a tremendous amount of damage, though Blackthorn seemed to defend himself skillfully. He also threatened Greenfire, who was forced to retreat in order to cast a spell. Greenfires spell, SnakeSwift was ill received, and no damage was caused by it.

Now angry and desperate, Blackthorn struck down Eldryn with a single blow, and fled into the hallway. He took another round of pounding before he disappeared again…this time the party was unable to locate him. Blackthorn had escaped.

Standing in the hallway with several unopened doors whose residents could investigate the noises in the hallway, threaten the PCs. Bloodied, winded, and Shaken by the creatures presence, the party catches their breath before deciding on a course of action.

Sneaking and Skulking.....

A quick search (10 minutes) of the adjoining rooms uncovers the following:

door 1) The cooks quarters…he is an Orc and is found cowering beneath his flea-ridden bunk.
door 2) The Were-Boar quarters…filty and smelly. A wild boar is chained to the far wall.
door 3) A larder full of non-perishables. Dry goods smoked meats etc..
door 4) A storeroom full of dirty pots, pans and dishes.
door 5) Icars Quarters. A bed, table chairs. A chessboard is on the table. A shield, cloak, shirt and a Mandolin and a harp are present. There is an adjoining door with a large lock on it.

The Kitchen itself is in complete disarray, bodies lie strewn across the room. The hearth Fireburns wildly, casting many shadows across the entire room. Icar, the black skinned blind warrior lies in a pool of his own blood.

As the party attempts to decide on a course of action, a distant horn is sounded. At once it is followed by additional horn blasts, and then a Gong. The gong booms out loudly…(it sounds very close…likely on a level directly above the party…)

Time ticks begin now…….

Loot from the Stockade

Silver Thimble [5 GP] Orc Matron
Equipment and Supplies for a garrison. [Too heavy to carry]
30 Gold coins [Orc pocketses]
Brass Bracers [24 gp] Orc Sergeant
Gold Ring [25 GP] Orc Commander
Ivory Handled Dagger [30 gp]
45 Gold coins [Orc Poketses]
Map of Slave Route Slave Merchant
600 Gp Slave Merchant – Estelrath Tancred
5 amethysts [50 gp each]Slave Merchant
Papers detailing Slave Route Slave Merchant
Wand Slave Merchant
Chain Mail Ogre Sized. Executioner.
Large Two Handed Sword [magical]
Large Composite Bow with Arrows [Executioner]
Two Handed Sword [Icar]
Ring [Icar]
Blackened Plate Mail [Icar]
20 gold coins [goblin and kobold Loot]

3x Gold inlaid Leather belts [150 GP each] Wereboars

Letter from the Slave Lords. After casting Comprehend Languages: It appears to be a request for certain newly acquired slaves to be sent for questioning. The letter gives directions.

Showdown at the Slavers Stockade

After holing up in Executioners room, Inkee decides to go scout and discovers a Hobgoblin patrol, which he avoids, as well as two creatures….servants of the subdued Merchant. Inkee kills the twisted little creatures before they can sound the alarm.
They appear to have been cut and stitched together from mismatched parts….truly abhorrent and dispicable.

Inkee and the team delve deeper into the STockade, penetrating the inner fortress…..opening a door into the kitchen they are confronted by 8 Hobgoblins, three red haired men who turn out to ne WereBoars, and Icar….the Blind Commander of the fort!

The part begins the assaultm while the Hobgoblins and Wereboars throw axes….which are largely ineffective. Ican kicks a large keg of ale towards the party, but most dodge out of the way.

Inkee charges Ican invisibly, but Icar senses him and strikes him down with a forehand, backhand slash with his Two-Handed Sword. Inkee drops,

Andris enagages Icar, while the others hold off the Wereboars and dispatch the Hobgoblins.

The Wizard casts silence, and Icar loses his “sight”….once blinded he becomes easy prey for Inkee and Andris. Andris and the party tirelessly exchange blows with the Wereboars, who try to parley…but Andris ignores them. Eventually, with Greenfire flanking with his Longspear, the party is able to defeat them..

On the table is a letter written in a strange indecipherable script…..

The party finds a tidy sum of coins, gold inlaid belts on the wereboars, and a Ring and Sword on Icar.

In the melee…the Wizard is bitten by a wereboar…….

Knowing there isnt much time before the alarm is raised the party searches hastily for a place to hide and refresh…….

Slavers Stockade

From the concealed hilltop, the party scouts the slavers stockade. An old ruined hillfort has been refurbished, and is now infested with goblinoids. Hobgoblins it appears have the run of the place.
There also appears to be only a single gate in, with patrols on the walls.

Inkee scouts the fort, and avoids the patrols, but discovers that the hobgoblins have some type of bound creatures that can smell him while invisible. He quickly returns to the hill.

Under cover of dawn, the party approaches the stockade, warps the timbers of the fort and enters from the rear flank. Guards on the walls and towers appear not to notice the intrusion.

Once inside, they find the inner bailey a warren of buildings and alleys. They avoid several ocrs working in a smithy, and enter a room full of docile slaves. They appear to be unresponsive….a dul drone weakens some of the party, Inkee recognizes the song of a Cloaker…a terrible creature from the Underdark!

Andris flees in terror, while Inkee and the others give battle, quickly dispatching the creature.

When Andris’ wits return, he finds himself in the maze of warrens, and is attacked by a pair of huge Hyenas! Andris kills them, and the party back him up.

They begin to clear the shanties and buildings, and kill several orc and hobgoblin dependents and camp followers. They also surprise a slave merchant, and take him prisoner. Next, they find a huge Ogre, with a huge sword, wearing a headsmans hood made of black chainmail! He nearly kills Will and Andris, and the rest, but the party is able to put him down.

After a quick rest, the party takes note of their condition, rests and prepares to continue the slaughter.

Across the Pomarj

Following the trail of the Slavers, the party sets out for the next stop on the map.
Tom and Taladar escort the rescued slaves back to the ship, and eventually back to Safeton.

Meanwhile, the party rides deeper into the Pomarj hills.
Along the way they encounter several humanoid patrols, but they are left relatively unmolested.

On the third day they are approached by a band of human hill tribesmen. They are taken to the chief who explains that a nearby village of gnolls has captured their women and children in a raid.
They ask the PCs to help stage a distraction, in return they will show the party a secret hidden way to the Slavers fort.

Under cover of invisibility, Inkee arranges to have the horses pull the Gnoll village stockade gate down, and while the Gnolls chase the PCs, the tribesmen steal their families back.
The Gnolls are perturbed, and give up the chase when they realize their village is on fire.

True to their word, the tribesmen take the party through highland trails to a hill overlooking the Slaver Stockade. The chiefs son also gives the party a Euroch horn that when blow, the tribesmen will come to the party’s aid.
The party gives the chiefs son a crossbow. He is pleased.


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