Greyhawk Adventures

The Elemental Nodes

Coldeven 23- Growfeast 2

The party explores the Elemental Node of fire, eventually finding Andris in a fight for his life vs some Salamanders. Once saved, Andris speaks about his encounters with the temple, and how he was captured and thrown into the Fire Node, where he has been struggling to survive ever since. Another human female is also rescued, but turns out to be a Succubus in disguise, and flees when she fails to defeat the party.

Within the fire node, the party encounters the lair of Fire Grue. Within their lair is an ornate dais containing a large gemstone. The party rightly infers that this is one of the Elemental Gems that power the Golden Skull.

The party proceeds to locate portals to the other Elemental nodes, discovering each subsequent Elemental Gem in a Grue lair appropriate to the Elemental Node.

After acquiring the gems, Inkee places a gemstone in the Skull, and learns that the Skull now has the power to summon Demons, and allow them to escape the Nodes. (Where there would be no escape whatsoever if the party did not have the Golden Skull in their possession.)

Returning to Hommlett, Andris immediately secures some clothes, arms and armor and sets off to see the ArchPrelate of Veluna with his grave news.

Burne and Rufus offer what aid they are able, but of the Airship, crew and Greenfire, there is no sign.

Beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil

Coldeven 19- 22

Using the Mirror to spy on the temple, the party quickly prepares a map of the lower levels.
They discover all manner of humans and humanoids present, including giants and gargoyles.
They discover the main Temple, and quickly sneak in and rob the treasury blind. They chuckle as the theft is discovered and temple factions begin to suspect one another.

Inkee begins a one-elf campaign of assassination and murder killing many of the temples leaders in their chambers, unprepared. A well planned assault on the humanoids in the chow-hall leaves many guards and warriors dead or dying, their number greatly diminished.

The party also discovers 8 elemental Nodes, 4 of each element, and observes as elemental creatures (of fire) emerge from one Node and enter another Node. The party guesses that these Nodes are portals to the elemental planes. What the purpose of gathering these creatures is has yet to be gleaned, but it cannot be good.

There is no sign of Andris.

Back in the Temple building proper, while holding the Golden Skull, the pary becomes aware that the giant throne is capable of descending into a secret chamber. No one has the balls to try it out…..

After more spying the party retreats to Hommlett.

A couple strange things occur on the way, The Inkee uses the Crystal Ball to scry on Andris and becomes subject to a Suggestion to bring the Golden Skull to the Queen of Fungi, Zuggtmoy, on her throne within the sealed temple.
He waits for the party to go shopping in Hommlett, then sets out on foot alone.

Finding Inkee missing later that day, the Gnome uses the Crystal Ball to scry on Inkee and also becomes subject to a Suggestion to enter the Node of Fire.

Needless to say, things go poorly for the party….Inkees suggestion wears off before he can get to the temple, but he returns to the ship just as the rest of the party enters the Fire Node. Meanwhile, the ship finds itself under attack by gargoyles, (and worse) and Greenfire vows to hold them off while the rest of the party escapes through the mirror into the fire node.

Greenfire and the ship are not to be seen again.

The Ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil

Coldeven 18

The party scouts the Temple remotely via airship, finding the place desolate and disturbing. The portals have been sealed with arcane powers, and mighty chains and sigils keep the place bound.
They attempt to enter the ruined tower, only to be attacked by giant ravens. Retreating the airship to safety, the party mounts an assault on the Tower and finds it heavily defended by more bandits.

The bandits are slain, and a secret tunnel leading into the depths of the Temple is found.

The tunnel leads to a ritual chamber inhabited by a Basilisk, which turns several party members to stone before it is defeated. It turns out to be an illusion, and its caster (A wizard of some great trepidation) flees at the sight of the party. An invisible woman, who turns out to be the leader of the bandits is skewered by Inkee.
The party investigates the wizards chambers, catching him hurriedly gathering possessions before disappearing with a blink spell.

In the wizards secrete, the party discovers many magical items, a crystal ball, a Mirror of Mental Prowess and a Golden Skull.
They also find a small portable shrine to Lolth in the wizards possession. This gives Inkee some heartburn, for the wizard did not appear to be a Drow. A note also from an unknown hand directs the Wizard to investigate the temple on behalf of the Spider Queens interests….

The party sets a trap for the wizard, should he return and after a short scouting trip, returns to the ship and to Hommlett.

The Moathouse

Coldeven 15

The party investigates the bandits at the Moathouse and finds more than they bargained for.
Undead, Green Slime and an Ogre jailer all give the party some grief.
A tunnel leads to an organized and defensible lair that the bandits are using, as well as stores of weapons and hooded cloaks with the sigil of the Flaming Eye. It appears the Evil priests of the Elements are back at work.

The Bandits are slain.

The party follows up by scouting the ruins of the Temple.

Village of Hommlett

Trying to catch this blog up succinctly…

After Greenfire sucessfully re-enchanted the Chains of Binding, the Scarlet Lord, a corrupted Druid, once again descended powerless into the depths of the underground lake.
Having defeated the Aspect of Zuggtmoy, and having heard news that Andris the Paladin had gone to investigate the Temple of Elemental Evil, the party decided to look for Andris after wintering in Safeton.

As soon as the spring thaws began, the party once again girded themselves up for adventure.

On Coldeven 10 a visitor arrived at the Manse. Dame Gold introduces the party and crew to an elf named “Kidge”. She exclaimed that Kidge was no ordinary elf, but rather an emissary from her friend, Walgar, the Margrave of Bissel. “My lord has heard of your exploits and seeks your aid in a matter of some importance….and discretion.” The party agrees to seek out this Walgar, and takes Kidge on as a passenger.

The ship sails to Hommlett [Coldeven 14] where they confirm that Andris did indeed pass through week prior.
Hommlett is a sleepy village of no special consequence. A new Keep and castle wall are under construction, and many workers have inflated the usual population. Many twonsfolk remember Andris, and the party becomes more concerned that Andris has not returned. The party also gathers some history about the Temple and the Battle of Emridy Meadows. (You can Google it)
They meet Rufus and Burne, the local Lord and Mage, who owe fealty to the Viscount of Verbobonc, who in return is a liege of the Archprelate of Veluna.

Rufus and Burne offer to sponsor the party in their investigations of the Temple, although they both scoff at the idea that the evil priests have returned. “A group of bandits have taken up residence in the ruins of the Old Moathouse, but so far we have not had the manpower, nor the motivation to deal with them.” But the party scorns the offer and sets out to find Andris alone.

Captain's Log Entry Two

Ship’s Log Update I
Delving deep under Gnolltown we discovered a shaft. The shaft, once climbed, lead into a series of rooms that once belonged to a Dwarven smith. The smith was apparently quite skilled, but was somehow stuck in his subterranean complex. This had lead to his untimely demise long before we ever arrived. We were able to relinquish numerous valuable and historically important artifacts from the rust of time and decay of damp caverns. A valuable book of Elven weapon crafting. This shall be a valuable addition to our new ship’s library. We were also able to acquire a tome of knowledge left behind by famous Dwarf smith Markar Krazma. Along with the book we located Trueheart, the blade that was Markar’s masterpiece work. I am not yet sure what I will do with this wondrous sword. Reforge it first of course, but what then? That will be a question to be answered another day I suppose.

Ship’s Log Update II
While further exploring the caverns for the “Crimson Lord” and source of this scourge we had a minor encounter with some more of the infested villagers. After this brief bout we were able to locate the Ranger of Gnolltown who was heading up the expedition deep into these caverns. She informed us that she believed the infection was coming from up-river. Thanks to some quick thinking by Inkee we were able to build a raft, and quickly progressed up the river to a mysterious temple in the middle of a lake. Through an ingenious plan, we were able to skirt the horde of infested villagers and beasts, and progressed to the temple in order to once and for all put a stop to the insanity of the Crimson Plague. Within the temple we encountered those responsible for attempting the wake the sleeping one. After a hard-fought battle, we claimed victory with no losses. Greenfire was adamant upon going down and re-binding the sleeping one, I did what little I could by making him invisible, and through our combined efforts the sleeping one was re-chained. I am sure the local Druid Circle will wish to hear of this most recent of news.

Captain's Log Entry One

Ship’s Log Update I
Being captain of a new ship is a large responsibility, and I can only hope to be as good a captain to my crew as I am able. My small crew of seven are all stalwart, and ready for anything, but I fear that the dangers of dungeons and monsters are too great for most of them. Thus, against the outcries of many of my faithful crew I have decided that none of them, except Venn, will accompany us on away missions. This will also allow the ship to be protected by those I trust if myself or the Company ever need to retreat into the skies. I must admit that being captain of a flying ship is an amazing prospect, and I cannot wait to explore many regions and lands as yet untouched. Our first mission is one of goodwill. My employers have requested that we deliver a shipment of goods to Gnolltown, a small city that they freed on one of their previous adventures. I am happy to say that the ship is in excellent running order, and we should be leaving on the morrow to see what adventures await this loyal crew and Company.

Ship’s Log Update II
While sailing, I realized that the ship will need to be outfitted with appropriate stocks and provisions to account for all situations or occasions. This lack of supplies was brought to my attention by Gillian Tuboe when she mentioned we didn’t even have a Healer’s Kit onboard. I will have to bring this to the attention of the Company at the earliest possible time.

Ship’s Log Update III
We have arrived at Gnolltown, it appears deserted. We will be heading to the surface today to explore the city and ensure the safety of the citizens.

Ship’s Log Update IV
After landing in the city, the Company was ambushed by foul monstrosities. I am happy that I didn’t bring any of my crew into danger here in the city, as it is far more dangerous than I imagined. Six of the beasts assaulted the company, but due to some quick work by Greenfire and Inkie they were dispatched rather quickly. Myself, Venn and Bloom provided some much needed support and cover fire. After the combat we encountered some allies within the city, and they began explaining the situation. Apparently a red miasma erupted from the city wells, and washed into the city. This material infected many of the citizens turning them into the monstrosities we battled near the city gates. The people of Gnolltown must be aided, but I admit. I am wary to travel beneath the city where more of those creatures lurk.

Ship’s Log Update V
The Company did some reconnoitering of the city well. We learned that there was a pool deeper than we imagined. After examining and searching the pool we discovered an underwater passage that leads to a corridor. Wet footprints lead down this corridor, we can only assume this is the direction the missing guardsmen traveled before disappearing. Tomorrow, we will dive into the depths and attempt to follow the trail of the missing. Thankfully, Greenfire is well prepared with healing spells to negate any negative effects of the dangerous waters.

The Scarlet Tide

Saliing back to GnollTown to deliver Greenfires share of donations, the party finds the town deserted and in disarray. Attacked by infected town guardsmen, the party soon learns that a terrible plague has infected the town.

The guard captain tells the party that most of the guards left in pursuit of a band of maruading goblinoids, one of several surviving bands of slavers.
Meanwhile, three days ago the town well backed up with a red scourge and infected townslfolk with a terrible disease. His men have been trying to put down the infected people ever since. But more spring up each day.

He also shows the party that the well, source of the contagion, has dropped by nearly 20 feet. “Something bad has happened, and the source lies below…”

Investoigating the well, the party discovers that the well leads into a (formerly) submerged cavern.
They discover a submerged exit from the cavern that leads to an underground river, and some previously submerged tunnels. Red growth, signs of the contagion are evident everywhere.

The river flows away from the well cavern, subtle hints indicate that the cavern is slowly draining away….

footprints from the previous explorers lead off into one of the tunnels, obviously slipery and treacherous due to slime and detritus.

Escape from the Isle of the Slave Lords

The party awakened in utter darkness.
They quickly dtermined that they were in the cave network beneath the SlaveLord fortress.

Through skillful innovation the party, naked and unarmed, were able to trail a band of exiled kobolds and kill them. But a single prisoner told of a spore of Myconids nearby that could help. The “King of Fungus.”

Prior to meeting the Lord of mold, the party was ambyushed by a giant albino crayfish!

Thokk tore into the crustacean with great vigor and zeal despite his exhausted state.
Upon inspection of the crayfish pool, the pary decided to explore for a way out through the water.
Sure enough, the party soon found themselves on the shore below the fortress.

At that point hey became aware that something was amiss…the island was clouded in fould smelling sulfurous smole, fileds were aflame, and the fortress had partialy collapsed!

Making for the docks, amid the flurry of fleeing boats, the party met an agent of the Free Cities who had been enslaved with Dame Gold. He explained that she and the others were safe, but there was only a singl eboat left, the Sea Dragon, Galleon of the SlaveLords themselves!

Steeling themsleves for a final attack on the evil SlaverLords, the party found themselves victorious, although the Sorceror kell was struck through by a wicked thrust from the Slippery Ketta! Ketta and Brother Kerin of the Scarlet Brotherhood escaped amid the chaos.

United once again, the paryt were able to wrest control of the Elemental Airship and return the slaves to the GnollTown, and return to Safeton.

In the aftermath, the fall and winter were spent relaxing in Safeton, yet rumors and omens foretold of a coming darkness….

Aerie of the SlaveLords

Following clues and the trail from the Stockade, the Adventurers discovered a secret pass well defended by a mighty Barbican. Through aerial recon is was determined that the pass led to a hidden city, set upon an island in a lake within the huge crater of mount Flamenblut.

Inkee led the party to a secret entrance, folloiwng Gnoll spoor. Once within the network of tunnels, and killing many gnolls, the party found themselves face to face with Yeeonoghu Lord of gnolls himself! The diety turned out to be a powerful illusionist nemed Wimpel Frump, a scion of the Slave lords. After defeating the illusionist, the party found themselves on the island of the secret city of Suderham. A laconic farmer gave the party plenty of information, and they successfully sneaked into the city during a slave auction. Again, following clues, the party found warrens beneath the city that led to the Slaver Fortress.
Expecting to arrive unexpected, the party were surprised when they were ambushed by the combined might of the Slave Lords themselves. needless to say, the party put up a good fight, killing several of the SlaveLords before Stalmin Klim, high priest of the Earth Dragon returned armed with vials of the Green Gas of Little Death.The party succumbed quickly.

Over the course of untold days, the party member were ill-fed and kept exhausted while being interrogated. Green visions of vaguley recognizable faces and talk of Archmages and Artifacts of power, interlaced with fever dreams are all that can be recalled.


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