Good Aligned Adamantium Bastard Sword of Sharpness

weapon (melee)

Good Aligned – Treated as Good for the purpose of bypassing DR/Good.

Adamantium – Increases Hardness and HP of the blade; also for the purpose of bypassing DR/Adamantium.

Sharpness – Grants the blade the ability to sever a limb from an enemy. Also grants the weapon the ability to bypass DR/Magic.


Trueheart was forged below Gnolltown by the famous Dwarven smithy Markar Krazma. This piece was to be his masterpiece. The sword that would shatter all other swords. As he finished the blade a terrible cave in blocked his escape from his own smithy. Rather than have his sword, his child of metal, fall into the scaly claws of a monster of the Underdark, Markar smote his anvil with the mighty blade Trueheart, and whilst the blade was embedded in the iron, he hammered the hilt. Trueheart’s blade almost let out a scream of pain as the blade was snapped in twain. Markar climbed into his bed that night cradling the hilt in his soot-covered hands. His eyes watered as tears dripped into his ample beard. Never again did the mighty smith rise. Never again did his hands work the bones of the earth, crafting the finest of armor and weapons. Never again will this sacred chamber of smithing echo with the sound of hammer on adamantium. That is, not until a band of friends and heroes once again graced his home. They claimed the blade from it’s resting place. Trueheart shall be reforged, made anew. It’s luster and glory shall not be dulled by time or evil. For it rests in hands capable.

Ode to Trueheart penned by Sandina BeChelle of the Skycaller


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