Tarvik Ursason

Tarvik's look and demeanor marks him as a barbarian from the northern reaches. He is young, and incredibly muscled, but carries an air of maturity around him. His gear clearly marks him out as a warrior.


Name: Tarvik Ursason_____________Lvl: 1 __________________________xp:
Race: Human____________________HP: 10
Class: Fighter____________________AC: 4
Align: Chaotic Good

Str: 18/32
Int: 12
Wis: 8
Dex: 11
Con: 17
Cha: 16

Weapons:Two Handed Sword

Armor: Splint Mail




Tarvik comes from the lands held by the Bear clan in the barbarian plains to the north, near the Yatil Mountains. Tarvik’s father liked to gamble and in one drunken card game with some dwarves, lost his son. Tarvik was to become a servant to a dwarven armorer for a period of seven years to compensate for his father’s debt. The dwarves worked him hard, but were never cruel or unfair. Tarvik grew into a powerful young man and learned the ways of metalcrafting from the dwarfs.

Last winter, as the dwarves made for the barbarian camps to trade with once again, they were attacked by a hungry troll. Normally, they would have attempted to flee, but the snow in the pass made it too difficult and they had no choice but to try to drive it off. The dwarves poked at it with spear and torch, but the creature was crazed with hunger and would not give up this meal. As the battle was going poorly for the dwarves, Tarvik grabbed an axe and shield from the wagon and charged at the beast. With a great swipe of its claw it ripped the shield from his arm, nearly taking it off in the process. It took all of Tarvik’s strength to keep the troll’s maw from his throat. One of the wounded dwarves stabbed the beast with a torch, buying Tarvik the time to crawl away. Tarvik franticly reached into the wagon for another weapon as the troll came bearing down on him once more. Quickly, Tarvik spun to the side and swung with all his strength, just as the beast tore into his side with its claws. The head of the creature flopped down into the snow as Tarvik fell to his knees.

The dwarves quickly set fire to the body and bandaged Tarvik as best they could. They carried him in the wagon in search of a healer. Tarvik was out for many days, and when he awoke, it was in a small room at a temple. His wounds were healed, but his side bared terrible scars from the troll’s swipe. A note lay on a chest. It was from the dwarves and merely read “the debt is paid in full.” Inside were clothes and gear, including a set of armor. Tarvik later met the caretaker of the temple, a man named Crixus. Crixus told him how the dwarves had come, bearing him upon a litter. There was no priest here, but the man knew something of herbs and healing and tended to his wounds. He presented Tarvik with a gift from the dwarves, a finely made greatsword, the same one he had used to slay the troll.

Tarvik contemplated going back to his tribe, or perhaps finding the dwarves once again. But for the first time, he was completely free, and able to make his own choice. With the aid of Crixus, Tarvik found work and learned the use of the sword. Eventually he joined a caravan as a guard and made his way down to Narwell.

From there his journeys took him to the keep on the borderlands where he met a few adventurers who were hired to check out the caves of chaos. Initially, the going was very rough as severe wounds kept the group returning to the keep which was no small trip. Eventually they met with some success and even discovered evil much closer in an abandoned tower. Unfortunately for Tarvik, it also brought him face to face with his greatest fear, the undead and their necromancer leaders. Unable to shake the terror that these creatures invoked in him, he bade his companions farewell to see his fortunes elsewhere. A more seasoned fighter, he was able to take better jobs and eventually traveled all the way to Bissel. There he discovered much better pay due to the war with Kett. So he sold his services to the Margrave and came to lead men into battle. He accounted himself well and earned the respect of his soldiers and the notice of the Margrave himself. He rose quickly through the ranks and eventually earned the title of Champion of Bissel. However fate intervened and his beloved fiance, the Margrave’s daughter, came under some form of curse and her life was slipping away. The Margrave was able to suspend her death with magic and put the hopes of her recovery in the hands of a band of adventurers. They were successful, but had uncovered a dire plot that threatened all of Bissel. The adventurers though had lost two of their number, and Tarvik volunteered to accompany them.

Tarvik Ursason

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