Sturm Bucholtz

Wealthy merchant of Safeton


Sturm was first encountered in Safeton, where he was named as the wealthy merchant who the Assassin Ned Shakeshaft (Haunted House) had stolen from and was hiding from in the Haunted Mansion.
When the party aprehended him and turned him in to Safteon authorities, Sturm bailed him out. Sturm Was last encountered in the Ruined Temple in Highport, apparently he was the ringleader for the Slaver Operations on the Wild Coast. He was presumed killed in the battle, as he fell into the swift moving effluent beneath the ruined temple.
Ned was also present and was killed in the battle.

Documents in his possession point to a higher authority that Sturm was answering to.

Also, Dame Gold and others from Safeton had been sent on to another processing station in the Drachenscrab Hills.


Sturm Bucholtz

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