Ser Renkin

Paladin- Knight of Law


Name: Renkin
Lvl: 2
xp: 3,744
Race: Human
HP: 17
Class: Paladin
AC: 0
Align: Lawful Good

Str: 15
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Dex: 11
Con: 14
Cha: 17

Weapons: Long Sword (DS), Dagger+1 (N), Sling (N), Hammer (N), Special Dagger (N), Whip

Armor: Plate Mail +1, Shield +1

Equipment: Iron Holy Symbol, Large Belt Pouch, Sling Stones, Leather Backpack, Torch, Tinder Box, Waterskin, Large Iron Spike, Whistle, Bullseye Lantern, Falcon, Manticales, Potion of Healing

Coin: 5g
Networth: 8,463g
Encumbrance: 72 lbs

Hirelings: Porter1 (2hp), Porter2 (8hp), Fighter1 (6hp), Fighter2 (3hp)


Ser Renkin

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