Sandina Crew - Venn

Venn is a stocky warrior just over six feet in height. He easily breaks the two hundred pound mark as well. He has piercing grey eyes and dull brown hair. He is incredibly protective of those weaker than himself, and will follow Sandina to the grave if


Male Human Chaotic Good Fighter level 4
STR 19 * DEX 16 * CON 14 * INT 12 * WIS 12 * CHA 10
HP 45 * AC 25 * Init 7 * Fort 6 * Ref 4 * Will 2
Base Attack Bonus +4

Cutlass (Enchanted +1)
8; 1d8 plus 7; Crit 19-20/x2; 3 lb.
Flail 7; 1d8 plus 4; Crit 20/x2; 5 lb.
Masterwork Comp. Longbow
6; 1d8 plus 4; Crit 20/x3; 3 lb.

Breastplate (1)
6 AC Bonus/3 M. Dex Bonus; ACP -3; 15 lb.
Tower Shield (
5 AC Bonus; ACP -9; 22.5 lb.

+10’ movement; -1 hit point per character level

Murky Eyed
When you attack an opponent that has concealment, roll your miss chance twice. If either of those miss, your attack fails.
-2 penalty on all ranged attack rolls


Stormheart (Human Racial)
+2 to Balance and Profession (Sailor); ignore hampered movement penalties for fighting on a pitched deck; +1 dodge bonus on AC during fights on or in a boat or ship
Weapon Focus (Cutlass) (Fighter Level 1)
+1 bonus on all attack rolls made with cutlasses
Shipborn (Character Creation Level 1)
+2 bonus on certain checks while onboard a ship (Balance, Craft (Shipbuilding), Climb, Profession (Sailor)

Improved Toughness (Fighter Level 2)
+1 hit point per character level
Shield Specialization (Character Creation Level 3)
Increase shield bonus by +1
Weapon Specialization (Fighter Level 4)
+2 bonus on damage rolls made with cutlasses

Balance (Dex) 9
Climb (Str) 6
Craft (Shipbuilding) 3
Intimidate (Cha) 4
Jump (Str) 6
Profession (Sailor) (Wis) 9
Swim (Str) 6
Tumble (Dex) 5
Use Rope (Dex) 7


Venn comes from the same small kingdom that Sandina is from. He knows her secret of her noble birth, and reminds her of it on occasion. He is incredibly protective of her as he views her almost as his sister. This protective nature stems from being an older brother who was unable to save his little sister from brigands when he was only fifteen. Since then, he has sworn his shield to service and protection of Sandina BeChelle.

Sandina Crew - Venn

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