Reginald Highbottom

Reginal is a halfling bard that follows Tarvik and records his adventures.


Name: Reginald Highbottom________Lvl: 1 __________________________xp:
Race: Halfling____________________HP: 34
Class: Bard_______________________AC: 19
Align: Chaotic Good

Str: 11
Int: 15
Wis: 12
Dex: 18
Con: 14
Cha: 18

Weapons: +1 rapier, several daggers

Armor: Mithril shirt

Equipment: Various typical adventuring gear, 4 cure lt wnds potions, heward’s handysack, Bard’s Mac-Fuirmidh Ciethem lute, safewing emblem

Money: 140gp and change


Reginald, or “Regi” as he is known to his friends, came from a once prominent family. However, hard times had hit and he was forces to leave his village and find work in the wider world. His travels led him to Bissel and there found himself with no option other than to join the militia. There he came under the command of a northern barbarian named Tarvik. Unlike many of the humans he had met in his travels, Tarvik actually looked out for him and kept him alive. He also took out the sword from his hands and gave him drum to be his unit’s musician. Tarvik’s unit enjoyed much success in the battles with Ket and Regi managed to stay alive. Eventually, Tarvik was summoned to Thornward to be honored for his deeds. He took Regi with him and got him accepted to the Bardic college so that he could hone his skills. Reginald took right to it and quickly excelled at the lute and other instruments. He also seemed to have a silver tongue and was able to calm the most heated of situations with a few well placed words.

His friend Tarvik was named Champion of Bissel and Reginald decided it was time to rejoin his friend once more and try his hand at composing tales and songs based on the deeds he hoped to witness.

Reginald Highbottom

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