Iven Straus Horacio Bloom

A slightly unusual looking gnome who appears well traveled and able to take care of himself.


7th level warlock
Rock Gnome, Chaotic Good
AC 20, HP 59, Mv 20
Touch 15, Flat 18

Str 10
Dex 15
Con 18
Int 15
Wis 12
Cha 18

Fort +9, Ref +7, Will + 9 (12 vs enchant, 11 vs illus)
BAB ++5

Trained Skills: (all skills have extra ++1)
Bluff 9
Concentration 5
Craft alchemy 5
Disguise 7
Intimidate 7
Know. Arcana 7
Know. Fey 4
Search 5
Spellcraft 7
Use Magic 12

Spells 1/day: speak with animal, dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, charm monster, deep slumber, disguise self
Eldritch Blast – 4d6 (+1d6 magic item)
Detect Magic – at will
Damage reduction 2/cold iron (total DR 6/cold iron due to feats)
Deceive Item – allows take 10 on use magic device
1 vs kobolds & goblinoids
+4 dodge vs giants
2 vs illusions

Fey Heritage, +3 vs enchantments
Fey Power, +
1 DC & caster level for invocations
Fey Skin, 1 DR/cold iron per fey feat
Fey Presence, 1/day (charm monster, deep slumber, disguise self)
Point Blank Shot, +
1 to hit & dam, within 30ft
Precise shot, ignore -4 penalty for shooting into combat

Sickening Blast – DC 17 or target becomes sickened for one minute
Entropic Warding – as Entropic Shield, leaves no trail, cannot be tracked by scent, duration 24hr
See the Unseen – dark vision 60ft & see invisible, duration 24hr
Voracious Dispelling – dispel magic at will, if remove spell from creature, creature takes 1pt of damage per level of spell removed. No save.

Mithral chainmail +1
Chasuble of Fell Power, +
1d6 to eldritch blast
Potion of Cure Disease
pale green ion stone (+1 to attacks, saves, ability, and skills)
ring of protection +
wand of restoration (8)
Wand of call lightning (50)
Wand of Scorching Ray 7th lvl (15)
Wand of Ice Storm (?)
Boots of Jumping (++10)
Potion of Fly

Masterwork Spear
Dagger x2
silk rope 50’
water skin
bed roll
2 weeks rations
flint & steel
100gp gems x2
10gp gems x5
34gp, 8sp, 8cp
25gp onyx gems x4 (for animate dead spell)


Bloom (his common name that he shares with strangers), was born to a family bearing a curse. Long ago, one of his ancestors made a pact with a greater power of the Fey. Unfortunately for Bloom, his ancestor did not read the bargain carefully and the pact has been passed down from generation to generation. Even more unfortunate, the knowledge of the pact and how to repay the Fey being has been lost. Due to the pact, each generation has exhibited more and more qualities of the Fey.

Bloom is currently trying to find out all he can about the Fey and the mysterious Queen of Air and Darkness. His studies have led him to believe that she is the one who holds his pact.

Iven Straus Horacio Bloom

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