1/2 Elf & 1/2 Drow Ranger/Rogue


Updated 3/21/2013

Here’s Inkee. Normal stats and then any powered up stats in parenthesis.

Dex:17(21) +3/
5 Due to Bracers of Dexterity 4
Cha:11(15) 0/2 Due to Circlet of Charisma +4

Rogue: 4th
Ranger: 4th
HP: 63
Flat Footed AC: 10+6 = 16
Normal AC: 23 or 24 if using Dodge
Greater Cloak of Displacement: 50% miss chance
Girdle of Invulnerability: Damage Reduction 5 / Magic.
Base Attack Bonus: 7 / +2
Initiative Bonus: +3/

Fortitude Save: +9
Reflex Save: +13 / +15 (with ring of dexterity)
Will Save: +5 (Add +2 if it’s an enchantment)

Elven Thinblade of Speed +2, When used as a Solo attack: +14 / +6 (18-20 critical 2x)
Elven Thinblade of Speed +2, When used as a Two handed attack: +12 / +6

Short Sword – Luck Blade +2 as Solo attack: +14 / +6 (19-20 critical 2x)
Short Sword – Luck Blade +2 as Two handed attack: +12

Dagger Held: +12 (19-20 critical 2x)
Dagger Thrown: +13 (19-20 critical 2x)
Hand Crossbow: +12 (19-20 critical 2x)
20 Poisoned hand crossbow bolts.
Longbow: +11 (20 critical 3x)

Magic Items
Hand of Glory – (Contains Ring of Free Action)
Boots of Dimension Door (2x per day)
Glove of Storing
Longsword +2 (in Glove of Storing)
Elven Thinblade of Speed +2
Short Sword +2 Luckblade
Dagger +1
Platinum Bracers of Dexterity +4
Circlet of Charisma +4
Ring of Free Action (On the Hand of Glory)
Ring of Protection +2 (Rt. Hand)
Ring of Invisibility (Lft. Hand)
Ring of Spell Storing (5 spells – in beltpouch)
Major Cloak of Displacement – 50% miss chance.
Drow Brooch of Sending/Transmitting
Girdle of Invulnerability DR 5/Magic
Bag of Holding (Type I)
Mithral Shirt +2, Glamered, Improved Silent, Spell Resistance 13
- - - -
Potion of Poison
Potion of Haste
Potion of Heroism x2
Vial of Cure Disease
Potion of Extra Healing
Potion of Cure Disease x3
Staff of Healing (17 charges)
- - - -

Thieves Feats
Sneak Attack: 2d6
Trapsense +1
Uncanny Dodge

Ranger Feats
Favored Enemy (drow)
Wild Empathy
Two Handed Combat Style

Other Feats
Weapon Finesse
Exotic Weapon: Elven Thinblade
Daylight Adaptation
Combat Reflexes
Weapon Focus – Rapier

- - - -
Light Load: 58lb
Medium Load: 59-116lbs
Heavy Load: 117-175lbs

Current Load: 45lbs

Above magic items total: 30lbs
Belt with 5 belt pouches.
Pouch 1: Masterwork Thieves toolkit
Pouch 2: 20 Drow Flash-Pellets // 5 Dwarf Blindstones
Pouch 3: Fire starter kit
Pouch 4: Ring of Spell Storing (listed above)

Below Items contained in Bag of Holding I (15lbs effective weight/carry 250lbs)
Silk Rope, 60ft x2 (10lbs)
Grappling Hook x1 (4lbs)
Bullseye Lantern x1 (3lbs)
Oil Flask x15 (15lbs)
Acid Flask x5 (5lbs)
Empty Sacks x6 (3lbs)
Chalk x10pcs (0.5lb)
Rations x3wks (22lbs)
Waterskin x2 (8lbs)
Fish hooks & line x3 (0.5lb)
Pitons x10 (2lbs)
30ft string & bells x2 (2lbs)
Blanket (1lb)
Staff of Healing (listed above)
Flask of Whiskey (1lb)
Masterwork Jeweler’s tools & loupe (2lbs)
Small Rock Hammer (1lb)
Healer’s Kit & Bandages (1lb)
Thin Metal Tube 18"
Small Silver Mirror
8x Pitons



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