Andris, Defender of Truth

Plate Clad warrior priest of Heironeous.


Cleric: 3 Prestige Paladin: 5

St: 18
Con: 15
Dex: 11
Int: 11
Wis: 15
Cha: 16(20)

AC: 27 (2 Full Plate [8}, 2 Heavy Metal Shield of Fortification w/spike – “Honor” [5] Amulet of Natural Armor [+2]

Attack Bonuses – (Long Sword: 14/9 D8+4 or Shield: 13/8 or Full Attack Both Sword and Shield: Longsword 12/7 Shield 11
Lance: +13/

Hit Points: 88
Initiative Mod: +0

Saves: Fort: +11, Ref: +2, Will: +7

Armor Check Penalty: -6

Imp. Shield Bash, Shield Specialization, Agile Shield Figher, Cleave, Combat Casting, Martial Weapons, Armor (Light, Medium, Heavy), Focus – Longsword, Power Attack, Improved Sunder, Mounted Combat, Practised Spellcaster

Default Spell list [Spells per day As Cleric Level 6.] Caster Level 7.
o 5
1st [4+1]
2nd [3+1]
3rd [1+1]

Mending, Light, Detect Magic,Cleanse, Bless, Divine Might, Shield of Faith x2, Zone of Truth, Bull Strength x2,

Concentration: 8
Heal: 5
Hide: 5
Spot: 4
Spellcraft: 4
Listen: 2
Diplomacy: 8
K/ Religion: 2

Divine Grace
Lay On Hands
Special Mount
Aura of Courage
Divine Health
Remove Disease
Smite Evil 2/day
Cleric Caster level +3

Gear: 118.5 lbs
Fortified Heavy Metal Shield 2 w/spike, Full Plate Armor +2, +1 Keen Long Sword – “Justice”, Circlet of Charisma (4), Metamagic Rod of Extend x3, Potion of CMW, Ceremonial White Wool Robe, Sack (money kept here), Flint & Steel, 1 wk iron rations, Wood Holy Symbol (painted white), War Helm, Sturdy Boots, Traveler outfit, Cold Weather Outfit, Bandages, 5 6ft lengths heavy leather strap, Wineskin, backpack, bedroll, bulls-eye lantern, 2 pts oil, Tent, Wetstone, Healing Kit, 6 fishhooks, 100ft. twine, small steel mirror, 1lb. cake of soap, small hammer, tent pegs, 100ft. silk rope

Swiftdawn – Cream Colored w/Golden hair max stats Horse 2 HD, +4 Nat Armor, +1 STR, INT:6]
Heavy Warhorse: CR 2; Large animal; HD 6d8
12; hp 45; Init 1; Spd
50 ft.; AC 15, touch 10, flat-footed 14; Base Atk +4; Grp +12; Atk +7 melee
4, hoof); Full Atk 7/7 melee (1d6+4, 2 hooves) and 2 melee
2, bite); Space/Reach 10 ft./5 ft.; SQ low-light vision, scent; SV Fort
+7, Ref +5, Will +2; Str 19, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 6, Wis 13, Cha 6.
Skills and Feats: Jump +12, Listen +5, Spot +4; Endurance, Run.
Empathic Link
Improved Evasion
Share Spells
Share Saving Throws

gp: 745
sp: 1
cp: 2

Hirelings: Will and Tom Stoutly
Squire: Carylon


Andris was born to turnip and potato farmers on the Wild Coast just south of Elredd. A large boy he was destined to fieldwork and a quiet life of pastoral farming until the day that a Lord Felwar decided to improve his lands by building a fishery. The lord damned up a local creek, flooding the fields of several families and instantly impoverishing Andris and his parents. Forced to move from the only home they had ever known, a rough year as wandering field workers brought the family to near starvation. Seeking to save their son, his parents brought the boy to a temple of Heironeous in the city of Highport and then disappeared from his life at the age of twelve. Andris has no idea what has happened to them.

Andris was inducted into the temple as an acolyte, and for six years he scrubbed floors, tended a garden plot, and helped in the kitchens scrubbing pots. During this time he was also being instructed in his letters, taught the art of healing and spellcraft. It was however in the martial arts where Andris excelled. Following the warrior aspect of his God, Andris fell under the tutelage of Abbot Panwell, Defender of the Faith. The abbot, an expert swordsman in his own right, took Andris’ education in the sword as a personal devotion to Heironeous who he believed delivered the overgrown child to the temple specifically for this training. As Andris grew his strength became a thing of local notoriety, and he was often asked to preform feats of strength at the local field festivals around the villages surrounding Highport.

At the age of 17 Andris had a dream, a vision from Heironeous. In this dream he saw a map of the great Wooly Bay upon which Highport was a port city. He saw himself wandering the coastlines and all up and down the wild coast fires raged. Where he walked the holy light of Heironeous followed and the flames were quenched. At the end of this path he found rest in a gleaming white marble temple of his God, and as he rested there Heironeous revealed to him that this was a temple that was not yet build, but was for Andris to found for his God. Abbot Panwell, knowing that Andris would need the freedom to pursue the will of their deity, kept the young warrior priest another three years to finish his marital training, then equipped the young man and turned him out of the temple to seek his fortune and spread the faith.

Ever haunted by the abandonment of his family, Andris as sough to replace them with the friends he has made in his life. Knowing the value of loyalty, he has ever sought to be unimpeachable in his behavior to others, and gives his friendship and trust easily. However once trust has been broken, it is nearly impossible to repair the relationship, a holdover from his deep feelings of betrayal by his parents. So Andris has sought a form of martial style that puts emphasis on the defense of others, while also being prepared to heal those who fall in combat.

Recently, having found his travels taken him to the costal village of Safeton, Andris has answered the call of the town council to clear out an abandoned and haunted house at the outskirts of the community. Along with a small group that unbeknownst to him were to become his closest friends, Andris sacked the property and discovered a smugglers ring operating from its lower levels. With his companions, the ring was destroyed and a ship (the Sea Ghost) was taken as a prize. The smugglers appeared to be arming a local community of Lizardmen, and the adventuring company was hired to scout the lair of these creatures to learn their intentions. During these adventures Andris learned wary respect for the Dark Elf knonw as Inky, a formidable underdark scout with a mean streak that is alarming, but also a loyalty that is unquestionable as a friend. Green, a druid of considerable talent, and amazing ability with animals also became a trusted friend, known for his wisdom and dedication to the small adventuring party.

At this time Andris hired Corporal Will Stoutly and his brother Private Tod Stoutly as men at arms, and began instructing them in the ways of Heironeous. Further he took on a young squire to train in the honorable ways of a warrior of his god.

Forays int the Lizarman den soon uncovered the truth, the creatures were arming to counter a previously unkown regional threat, a powerful tribe of Sahuagin. Bringing this news (and some considerable loot) back to Safeton, the party was then further contracted to scout out this new threat. Using their new wealth, the Sea Ghost was outfitted and equipped with a crew. Andris used the lion’s share of his wealth to purchase and equip a shrine to his deity Hieroneous and hire a caretaker.

The Sahuagin lair was then scouted using the Sea Ghost as transport and the threat was confirmed. An alliance of the regions powers was called and war was waged against the fish men in which they were defeated and the threat ended. However all was not well. A new threat had appeared in the form of slave raiding pirates who had captured the Sea Ghost and her crew and sacked the villa of one of the potentates of Safeton. It was decided to pursue these pirates to rescue the crew and the captives from Madame Gold’s estate, and in this the party is now engaged.

Andris, Defender of Truth

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