Greyhawk Adventures

Wealsun 13 - 15

WealSun 13

Continuing to follow the Fingers of Iuz’ trail of horses, the party takes thr trail heading for Krestible and Perrenland. Late in the day, the party comes to the attention of a Perrenlander border patrol.
Reginald convinces the Perrenlanders that they are not a threat and pleasantries are exchanged. The Party learns that the Patrol met and killed a Dwarf (Actually a Druagr!) alone with a pack of horses , who matches the description of the one from the encounter at Nevarna with Demise. The patrol captain gives you his halberd as token and trophy.

Wealsun 14
After sharing the Perrenlander’s camp, the party retraces its path to the secret gnome trail. They stop off at the Ogre den, only to find it occupied by gnolls, who seem to be making it their new home. A full days journey along the narrow path, the party finds a hidden vale populated by gnomes. Again, Reginald convinces the gnomes to provide aid, and the party is admitted and given home and hearth for the duration of their stay.



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