Greyhawk Adventures

WealSun 12 WolfWeres of Perrenland

WealSun 11
GodsDay (Waning moon)

Calixta wakes on the morning of the 11th with a terrible case of dysentery and is forced into a supporting role, managing the horses and gear.
After defeating the Ogres on the road, Inkee follows their obvious trail to a concealed cave, where he determined more ogres are waiting for their food to arrive.

A quick and coordinated ambush, followed by successive fireballs from Kidge, results in a very brief confrontation. Anything the Ogres may have had was destroyed in the conflagration, in fact the smoke is so thick, an exploration of the Ogre cave will have to wait. The party moves on…..

That evening as the party is making camp and preparing for bed, two wandering minstrels from Krestible approach the camp. They offer coneys and music in exchange for sharing the party’s fire.
After the meal, the two, Carlos and Esmerelda, begin to entertain the party, and play along with Reginald. On the second chorus, Reginald suspects that the two are attempting to lull the party into complacency, and reacts with a countersong, and a Sound Burst! The Soundburst stuns Carlos, but Esmerelda continues to sing her ballad, using her words to Suggest to Inkee that he should prevent Reginald from spoiling her music. Thus enthralled, Inkee attacks Reginald.

Tarvik breaks the enchantment and engages Carlos in melee. Carlos responds by defending himself with a sword, hidden within his bedroll. On the following round, Kidge and Inkee break the enchantment, and Inkee engages Esmerelda. Once threatened, she turns and metamorphoses into a huge Dire Wolf! The Dire wolf lets out a chilling call into the night, and then engages Inkee.

Tarvik sunders Carlos’ blade, then he too changes into a huge Dire Wolf!

The Dire wolves bites are brutal, and their hides seem impervious to harm. Eventually under the combined assault of Tarviks blade and Kidge’s sorcery, the Dire Wolves succumb to their wounds….just as a pack of Dire Wolves arrives, heeding the call of their masters!

Kidge scares them away with a skillfully manipulated ball of fire, and the party returns to camp, and an uneasy sleep.

Among the mistrels belongings the party finds a collection of coins, mostly Perrenland silver, but some Bissel Gold, as well as some Kettite coppers and Veluna stags. Three potions, Fly and Cure Moderste Wounds, and a third unrecognizable. A few of the items in their possession, Inkee recognizes from previously belonging to the Fingers of IUZ!

Due to the ravages of the WolfWeres, Kidge recommends that they watch each others behavior during the next full moon….Godsday, Richfest, in three weeks. (Its also the night where BOTH moons are full!)



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