Greyhawk Adventures

The Staff of Fanon

Planting 11-16

Arriving in the village of Airth, the party finds the village under an enchantment, and the staff gone. A villain, who matches the description of Iuz himself, took the staff, and disappeared into Chanurs cave, after ruining the village.

With urging from the Lady of the manor, the party enters the cave in pursuit.

Within the cave, the PCs find themselves in another otherworldly realm. They explore and are attacked by enchanted Aaracockra, bird men. They overcome, but are soon to be swarmed by reinforcements when they discover amulets that ward them Sanctuary from the attentions of the Aaracockra.

Following the trail, they find themselves at the edge of a vast desert, with a single tower the only visible destination. Also, a mage arrives, having been sent to aid the party from Mordenkainen.

Ophid the priest ensures that the party crosses the desert unharmed, and they enter the tower.

Within, they find the tower empty and deserted.

In one chamber they find an enchanted Gemstone that Ophid senses bad omens from.

They also find a Olidmarran throne and audience chamber….perhaps a great priest of Olidamarra once resided here?



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