Greyhawk Adventures

The Orb of Golden Death

Growfeast 3 – 7 (The 7th is sacred to Olidamarra and is known as Fools Day!)

Returning to Hommlett, the party seeks the counsel of Rufus and Berne.
Andris immediately dresses himself and rides for Verbobonc to inform his order of the situation at the temple.
As baths are drawn and meals prepared, the party meets Ofydd, a cleric of Olidhamara who has been sent by divine omens to meet the party. He was formerly a slave in the Pomarj and was rescued by the acts of the party.

After the meal, a group of the airships crew straggle into the Keep, one of them bearing a hatbox.
They explained that they were set free, to bring a message to the party.
Inside the box is the head of the Airship Captain. The head is glamered and begins to speak, telling the observers that their friends and crew are being held within the temple. They will be released the head says, if they simply bring the Yellowskull (Orb of Golden Death) to them at the temple steps.

Rufus and Berne question the party about the Yelllowskull, and they admit to having it in their possession.
The bedraggled crew are asked to leave, but become agitated. “DO you have the Goldenskull?” one of them asks Inkee. “He has it!” they yell, and then the room is plunged into darkness.

Amidst the darkness Inkee is grappled, and rough hands search through his gear in the darkness.
The two men at arms at the door are killed.
Bloom, the gnome, dispells the darkness and the party find that the crew have been replaced by black skinned and long taloned Babau Demons!

Kijj is killed in the melee before the party can act. Inkee, nearly killed, escapes with his magical boots. Rufus attacks, while Berne teleports to his study. Bloom banishes a demon, and Ofydd attempts to avoid melee.

Realizing their prize has fled, the Demons blink out, leaving the room in total disarray.

Inkee returns, carefully avoiding the gaze of the Gargoyles perched on the Keep.

The Druid of the Grove is summoned and revives Kijj. He joins the War Council.

Berne returns and wards the tower, Bloom warning them that someone is scrying their actions.

Berne then convinces the part to give him the YellowSkull, which he takes to his study to ….study.

While the party makes plans, Rufus tells them that he has put out the call to muster the troops, and as soon as Andris returns with help from Verbobonc, they will march on the temple and raze it to the ground once and for all.

Several days later Andris returns at the head of a great host of men and elves from Verbobonc.
Meanwhile, Rufus has divined the nature of the artifact and its demise.

“It must be struck by a mighty gale, struck by a granite hammer, scorched by an intense flame, and then immersed in frigid water.” The party begins preparations to do just that. They gather a stone bucket, a pail, and fashion a maul from a block of stone.

As the warhost marches on the Temple, Rufus and Berne wish the party luck. “We are the diversion for your actions are the true threat.” And provides the party with a scroll of Plane shift to return them home.

With much apprehension the party uses the Goldenskull to enter the Demi-Plane of Fire and retrieves a bucket of molten lava. Then they use the Skull to transport them to the Demi-plane of water where they retrieve a bucket of frigid ice water. Next they teleport back to the Demi-Plane of Air where they begin the ceremony.

Bloom raises the Orb into the gusting wind atop the great spire, then Kijj strikes it solidly with the Stone Maul, then Bloom plunges it into the pail of lava. As soon as it begins to glow red hot, but before Inkee can douse it with the icy water, a figure appears.

An old twisted man, standing on a flying carpet blinks into the air next to the party. “Stop!” he yells…“You dont know what you are doing!” Kijj, not recognizing IUZ, the Demi-God himself, throws a chain lightning…only to have the Old Man reflect to back with a gesture. The party is struck numb by the Frightful Presence of a Divine Power….

Suddenly another figure appears, dressed in flowing blue robes over shining mail. He turns to the party, winks and says “Ill handle this from here….please continue.” he then grabs IUZ and both Divine personages (For yes, that was indeed St. Cuthbert himself!) blink out of existence.
Shaking off the hesitation, Inkee douses the YellowSkull with the water and it turns black and shatters!

At that moment, the Demi-Planes begin to implode, but not before Ofydd reads the Plane Shift scroll. The only party member who can do so!

With a great Crack! and Demonic screams, the Temple implodes, taking all within it to their doom.

The party appears in the Verbobonc Town square, exhausted, but alive. And Triumphant!

Deciding not to return to Hommlett, the party sends word that they are alive and continuing on to Bissel to see the Margrave.

Planting 1-7

The road is uneventful, except for one night after leaving Verbobonc, they are ambushed within an Inn by the surviving Slave Lord, Slippery Ketta! She is aided by another Monk of the Scarlet Brotherhood and a swarm of spiders.

The party make short work of her, and discover documents in her possession that indicate nefarious powers are at work.



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