Greyhawk Adventures

The GodTrap

Planting 20. [Fast Forward to Flocktime 20.] cy. 580
Festivities through Flocktime 27.
Rest on the 28th.
Resume adventuring on Wealsun 1.

Interrogating the Ibixian (Goat Demon) Hadil, the party easily locates the Staff of Fanon below in the Garden. Its power has caused all manner of plant life to thrive, sustaining the “Fingers of Iuz” as Hadil names Demise and her band of mercenaries.
Hadil reveals that he was the Herald of Iggwilv, and Demise sought him out for information on the Horn of Iggwilv. “I dont know where Iggwilv is. No one does.”

After some negotiation, Hadil agrees to lead the party out. “There are only two ways out of Nevarna” he says, “Back through the Aaracockra caves, or through the Calliope.” And there is a Balor wandering around. “It wont be able to Gate itself out or away…..”

Hadil leads the team to a round room, painted in geometric shapes, that spins and becomes disorienting upon entry. He indicates a lever, grasps it and disappears. In turn, each party member grasps the lever and disappears.
Individually, each party member find themselves trapped in an arcane prison, offered four choices…..Fiery Mountain, Freezing Glacier, Stormy sea, or a Kaliedescope. Each party member chooses the Kalidescope and is trapped! By force of will, and by their mortal nature, the GodTrap is thwarted, and the party effects an escape. “Hadils laughter echoes in their thoughts as they escape.”

Those who escape, elect to appear anywhere they choose….and they all choose to reappear in the great hall of Bissel, the throne room containing the crystal coffin of the princess. Bloom and Ophydd do not arrive.

The party realizes that, with proper training and/or experience, the GodTrap could be used for effectively instantaneous travel anywhere the traveler has been. It could also be used as a trap for a non mortal who may have difficulties escaping its lure.

The Margrave is beside himself with glee, and calls for Mordenkainen.
The party meets the princess’ husband to be a Warrior from the North, Tarvik, who distinguished himself during the battle with Ket, and rewarded by the Margrave.

Mordenkainen arrives in a week, and dispels the crystal coffin. The Margraves Arch-cleric uses the staff to cure the Princess of her ailment. Then revels begin. The Margrave celebrates by hosting three weeks of parties and jubilations.

Meanwhile, the party takes council with the Margrave and Mordenkainen. With information gleaned from Hadil, and maps and items recovered from Demise’s sanctuary in Nevarna, it is confirmed that Iuz seeks the Horn of Iggwilv.

“Whatever Iuz is up to, it must be thwarted” Mordenkainen says.

The Margrave looks hopefully to the party…“I will offer you my complete support and backing in this…..should you choose to go.”

Laying the map of the mountains on the table, the party speculates where the Horn may be, and begins to chart their journey and gather supplies.

A divination by the court Arch-cleric determines that Bloom and Ophydd are far away and in grave danger. His divinations also reveal that the party’s path does not yet lie in that direction. “Your friends are in danger, they will suffer. You cannot save them. If you try, certain death will result.”

After the meeting with Mordenkainen, he invites Sahid to assist him with his research, and Sahid agrees, saying goodbye to the party. (Unless Cory wants to play Joes character)


Hang on to Sahid as a backup option. I’m going to try to make a character, but in case I get busy…

The GodTrap

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