Greyhawk Adventures

The Diamond Throne

Planting 8 – 10

Arriving in Bissel, the party seeks the Margrave in the newly retaken capital of Thornward. The Margrave explains that Bissel has been at war with Ket for some time, and recently an armistice has been reached. The victory is bittersweet, because although the Margrave has reinvested Thornward, his daughter the princess has taken mysteriously ill. None of the court physicians or mages seem to be able to cure the malady.

The court bishop, a Kettite, and the Arch Mage Mordenkainen divine that the illness is unnatural. Mordenkainen enchants the princess encasing her in a force barrier that will prevent her from dying for one year. The court bishop regales the Margrave of stories he has heard of a magical staff in a very prosperous village in Ket. The staff is believed to be responsible for the villages prosperity, and it is rumored to have powerful healing properties.

Mordenkainen has other tasks to attend to with the Circle of Eight, so the Margrave asks the PCs to retrieve the staff and heal his daughter. He promises any reward within his power.



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