Greyhawk Adventures

In search of the Horn

WealSun 17

Midday of the 17th the party crosses paths with a group of mountain tribesmen, but the gnomes recognize them as vassals of the Gnome Laird, and offers greeting. The rest of the day is spent with the tribesmen in camp. The tribesmen are hunting humanoids, and the party tells them about the gnolls at the Ogre den.
The Tribesmen give the party a gift, a scroll case containing remnant of an old journal. (I will post it in the files section.) The party gives the tribesmen chief the silver and amethyst necklace taken from Esmerelda the WolfWere (previously taken from one of the Fingers of Iuz’ pack horses…)

Wealsun 18 Dark of the Moon. There is no moon this night.

Leaving the tribesmen behind, the party returns to the site of the encounter with the Brown Bears and begins searching along the road for the track indicated on the map. Soon, Calixta finds two engraven stone markers that identify where the road once terminated. As the party are clearing away the debris and examining the markers, a shadow passes overhead.

Suddenly a large scaly Wyvern darts out of the sky, and amid a hail of arrows and spells, it snatches Calixtas horse in its talons, stings it repeatedly with its scorpion like tail, and flies off. The party is left with only three horses.

The overgrown trail heads south into treacherous mountains, it is overgrown, narrow and difficult to navigate further progress will be slow going.




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